Got the “digital” bag!? This MetaBirkin NFT launch last weekend for 100 minted Digital Baby Birkins over on was interesting..

Mason was in his bag with with one, no pun. While this was affiliated with Hermès, it was still giving Hermès prices!

Let’s talk about that flip with the initial one and the one behind me?! That was a nice ROI, yet here’s some things to keep in mind about NFTs:
– Watch the exchange you’re purchasing from. All ain’t legit.
– Scammers are scamming. Check for authentication!
– Be prepared for Gas fees. Ethereum has stand to have pretty high gas fees! It can be ghetto.
– Make sure you have a wallet set up that can handle various exchanges + tings.
– Document your cost basis when it comes to #crypto + #nfts.

I’m certain that this will not be the last we see of NFT Fashion! The key to this is the resale, like any fashion piece — that’s where wealth can be made!


Disclaimer: This post is for educational purposes only. Research before reaching for your wallet, Fam.
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