The WhiteList.
You cannot buy my NFTs unless you have a call with me.

If you are truly interested to buy one of my Eternals NFTs you have to 🆘〢open-a-ticket on my Discord server and provide us with the following information:

1. Real Name and your email address
2. Twitter link (example: & Instagram link (example:
3. Your personal Opensea account (example:
4. The name of your NFT project and the project’s official site ( this is for the founders of NFT projects). If you dont have a NFT project leave it blank
5. The name of your business and the official site of your business (this is for business owners). If you dont have a business leave it blank

6. Make a brief introduction:
example: Hey, my name is Eva Savagiou and I am a content creator, influencer and the founder of Eternals NFTs. I am involved in the NFT space for 5 months and I would love to be part of Eternals!

7. Please tell us what do you like about Eternals NFTs and why do you want to by one.

Once you submit the ticket request, my team and I will check if you are eligible to get on a personal 20-minute call with me.

Some things to keep in mind before you apply:

There’s a reason I decided to take the calls, it’s to filter and understand everyone who is trying to buy my NFTs. All Eternals are handpicked by me in this role. ALL OF THEM!
All tickets without all the information above will be deleted. Make sure to submit ALL the information.
I will be getting only 2 calls every day, so please be patient.

Getting on a call with me cannot guarantee your whitelist spot.

Good luck ❤️ Looking forward to chatting!

Open a ticket and book a call:

Twitter ”Eternals by Eva Savagioiu”



Official Site

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