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Episode two is focused on women’s role in the NFT world, as well as women led projects!
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00:00 -Introductions
1:14 – Women’s Role in the NFT Space
11:07 – Wallet Update – Nodes, Desperate Ape Wives, Boss Beauties, Women and Weapons, Feel Good, The Pangaens, Diadragons
22:19 – Women Led Projects Update – Crypto Chicks, World of Women, Sad Girls Bar, Skeletongues, Outlaw Gals, Fame Lady Squad, Long Neckie Ladies, Boss Beauties, Fatales, Women and Weapons
44:28 – Projects We are Watching – The Pangaens, 1989 Sisters, Women’s Rise, Brava
49:26 – MetaJungle Update


Emma welcomes everyone back, and Jaden shares an exciting name change with us.

Women’s Role in the NFT Space

In this segment, Emma and Jaden discuss the growing role that women have in the NFT space, as well as the impact women are making in the NFT world.

Wallet Update

In this Segment, Emma and Jaden tell us about the NFTs that have joined their wallets since our last video, as well as some projects they are interested in.

Project Twitter Pages:

@Scottys_art (Nodes) – https://twitter.com/scottys_art

@DApeWives -https://twitter.com/DApeWives

@BossBeautiesNFT – https://twitter.com/BossBeautiesNFT

@WomenandWeapons – https://twitter.com/WomenandWeapons

@FeelGood_NFT – https://twitter.com/FeelGood_NFT

@ThePangaensNFT – https://twitter.com/ThePangaensNFT

@diadragons – https://twitter.com/diadragons

Women Led Projects Update

In this segment, Emma and Jaden update us on some of the women led projects they discussed last episode. Many of these projects have some exciting updates!

Check out the project’s Twitter page for more details:

@Crypto__Chicks – https://twitter.com/Crypto__Chicks

@worldofwomennft – https://twitter.com/worldofwomennft

@sad_girls_bar – https://twitter.com/sad_girls_bar

@OutlawGalsMC – https://twitter.com/OutlawGalsMC

@fame_ladies – https://twitter.com/fame_ladies

@NylaCollection (Long Neckie Ladies) – https://twitter.com/NylaCollection

@BossBeautiesNFT – https://twitter.com/BossBeautiesNFT

@FatalesNFT – https://twitter.com/FatalesNFT

@WomenandWeapons – https://twitter.com/WomenandWeapons

Projects We Are Watching

In this segment, Emma and Jaden go further in depth on the projects they are watching, and are excited about.

For More information visit each project’s Twitter page:

@ThePangaensNFT – https://twitter.com/ThePangaensNFT

@1989Sisters – https://twitter.com/1989Sisters

@WomenriseNFT – https://twitter.com/WomenriseNFT

@bravanft – https://twitter.com/bravanft

Metal Jungle Update

In our final segment, Emma updates on the progress of her new project, MetaJungle, and invites everyone to join her discord.

@NiftyMetaGirl – https://twitter.com/NiftyMetaGirl

Join the MetaJungle Discord:

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