In 2017, Danny Casale noticed how negative and polarizing the internet was. He sat down at his computer for a couple of hours and created a humourous video animation about misinformation on the internet. This video was “Snakes Have Legs” and today has tens of millions of views.

He has over eight million social followers across platforms, he’s written a book UR Special, and in 2021, he minted the NFT project Coolman Universe which sold for $3.6 million in just 3 minutes.

Danny’s journey is a great example of how preparation and authenticity are the keys to success. In this episode, Hala and Danny talk about Danny’s life journey, being a creator in the early days of YouTube, his recipe for going viral, how he stays inspired, how he monetizes his art, his NFT project Coolman’s Universe, and so much more.

✨Topics Include:
– Danny’s background
– Early days of youtube and being a creator
– How there are no overnight successes
– “Snakes Have Legs” and the experience going viral on youtube
– Why does Danny refer to himself as a “bad animator”
– The mission of his art
– Where Danny finds inspiration
– Danny’s recipe for going viral
– The importance of authenticity
– How he grows his social platforms
– Danny’s team
– How he monetizes his art
– Danny’s philosophy behind brand promotions
– Coolman’s Universe and Speshys
– How he first got interested in NFT space
– The true value of NFTs
– NFTs for artists and buyers
– On writing UR Special: Advice for Humans
– Danny’s actionable advice
– The secret to profiting in life
– And other topics…

Danny Casale (aka Coolman Coffeedan) is an artist in Los Angeles who has gained popularity through his surreal, humorous and crudely-drawn animations. Danny first went viral in June of 2017 when his cartoon titled “Snakes Have Legs” accumulated tens of millions of views.

Danny is also the author of Ur Special: Advice for Humans and is the creator of the NFT project “Coolman’s Universe”. In 2020, Danny made the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

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