Create NFT minting with Whitelist Mint followed by Public Mint, using Metaplex Candy Machine V2.

NFTs are changing the world, and there are new collections launching almost everyday on Solana!
Solana is fast, cheap and might be the future of NFTs.

We have seen how powerful Metaplex Candy Machine V2 is, and how easy and fast it is to launch new NFT collection on Solana. It provides various configuration option which we can use to create whitelist mints and public mints.

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Solana Wallet for Development: Setup and Fund Phantom and CLI Wallets:
How to Launch Solana NFT Collection using Metaplex Candy Machine v2:

Other Documentations and Links:
All commands used in this video:
Solana Documentation:
Solana Token Program Documentation:
Metaplex Candy Machine V2 Documentation:
Script to generate NFT configs:

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00:00 Introduction
00:30 Thank you note..and next steps?
01:02 What we’ll cover
01:48 Overview
03:24 Creating a WL Token: Overview
05:16 Creating a WL Token: Hands on
12:54 Creating a Candy Machine: Overview
13:43 Creating a Candy Machine: Hands on
22:34 Send WL Token and Activate Candy Machine: Overview
22:54 Setting up wallets for minting
24:14 Sending WL Token
27:20 Setup Metaplex Minting Website
29:55 Updating Go Live Date
32:22 Whitelist Mint
34:17 Updating End Settings
36:00 Public Mint
38:05 Summary

Music Credits:
Music: [EDM] Nyneth – Basic Income

Producer: ⚛️ Nyneth

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