where to spend dogecoin

After seeing the Reddit post, one man traveled from West Virginia to eat at the diner using his dogecoins. The man added that it was the first time he’s spent his digital coins in person, as most dogecoin transactions can only be made over the internet as of now.

2. BitcoinShop

BitcoinShop.us is an online retailer that sells everything from clothing to electronics on one convenient site. What makes this site different than retailers like Amazon and Overstock, is that it only accepts digital currency payments.

Bitcoin, litecoin and dogecoin are the only ways to pay for whatever it is that you’re looking for. This philosophy of business is meant to allow growth within the digital currency community.

Where to spend dogecoin

Players can enjoy popular games such as MineCraft, Counter Strike, Left 4 Dead 2, and Just Cause 2.

The gaming service site has begun welcoming dogecoin payments as a way to keep innovation apparent. The digital currency is used to pay for web hosting, as well as gaming, virtual and dedicated servers.

e Gifter

eGifter prides itself as being a gift giving site that rewards users with a points system. eGifter partnered with Coinbase to accept Bitcoin payments. It also uses payment processor GoCoin to accept litecoin and now dogecoin payment options.
eGifter began welcoming dogecoins in April of this year, as a way to further broaden the way people can pay for things.

The company’s CEO, Tyler Roye, believes that with digital currencies like dogecoin, his site is safer from fraudulent behavior.

Where to spend dogecoin uk

After getting paid in digital coins, Roye and his company exchange them for cash, instead of holding on to them as an investment.

eGifter is a hub that sells different types of gift cards, ranging from fashion brands to restaurants.

3. Iron Rail Diner

A restaurant called the Iron Rail Diner in Mount Savage, Maryland introduced dogecoin payments to its business on April 4th, 2014.

Co-owner of the eatery, Terry Linn II, says that people swing by just so that they can use their dogecoins. He says:

“The way I feel is that for us, it’s the same as a credit card but it eliminates a lot of the fees.

I feel they will be valuable in a couple of years down the road.”

Tym Holwager, a dogecoin miner and enthusiast, posted a photo of the diner’s ‘we take dogecoin’ sign. The business instantly gained notoriety through the dogecoin Reddit community.

Where to use dogecoin

Mastercard. You can even use it at ATMs around the world to convert Dogecoin into cash. No exchange needed.

Buy Gift Cards with Dogecoin

Gift cards are an easy way to buy stuff with Dogecoin online or in-store.

BitPay gives Dogecoin users a quick and safe way to buy gift cards with crypto. With 100+ gift cards to choose from, there is an endless amount of places where you can use Dogecoin and things you can buy with Dogecoin.

Popular gift cards you can buy with Dogecoin include:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • DoorDash
  • Uber
  • Google Play
  • Uber Eats
  • Sony PlayStation
  • Xbox
  • Hotels.com
  • Home Depot
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Nintendo eShop
  • Airbnb
  • Domino’s
  • Lowe’s

Use the BitPay app or BitPay Chrome crypto extension to buy gift cards with Dogecoin.

Where to invest dogecoin

Inu based cryptocurrency Dogecoin is popular with Elon Musk, Snoop Dogg, Gene Simmons and now Mark Cuban. The Dallas Mavericks are an early adopter of cryptocurrency and now the first to accept Dogecoin.

Mavs Fans for Life (MFFLs) can now use Dogecoin to buy tickets and merchandise online, making Mavs merchandise more accessible to MFFLs everywhere, a decentralized, peer-to-peer digital currency, Dogecoin enables customers to easily send money online with very low transaction fees and fast transaction times.

BitPay also supports BTC, BCH, ETH, USDC, GUSD, PAX and BUSD.

The BitPay Wallet app can be downloaded from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) and merchants wanting to accept crypto can sign up here.

Counting down to BitPay’s 10th Birthday this summer – BitPay is one of the oldest blockchain companies and will be sharing some history and predictions.

Where to invest dogecoin reddit

Use Dogecoin to buy stuff, dine, travel and pay for anything else you want. See all of merchants that accept Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies in BitPay’s Merchant Directory.

Sling TV

Watch live sports, binge TV shows and enjoy classic movies with Sling TV.
Subscribers can pay with Dogecoin, along with other cryptocurrencies, when they sign up online.


Travel across the Baltics and Europe. Pay with Dogecoin.

Get food delivered straight to your door and pay with Dogecoin.

Dallas Mavericks

Buy Mavs tickets and merchandise with Dogecoin.

Where can spend dogecoin

The Sacramento Kings also accept crypto payments via BitPay.


Keep your browsing and internet usage secure away from prying eyes.


Secure your Dogecoin (plus other crypto assets) with a hardware wallet from Ledger.


Use Dogecoin to pay for domain names, hosting and other web services.

Wrist Aficionado

Buy luxury watches and jewelry and pay with Dogecoin.

American Gold Exchange

Buy gold, silver and other precious metals with Dogecoin.


Support your favorite streamers and entertainers by donating with Dogecoin

American Cancer Society

Donate to the American Cancer Society using your Dogecoin.

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BitPay Card: The Best Way to Spend Dogecoin like Cash

The BitPay Card is the most flexible way to pay with Dogecoin.

Where to invest in dogecoin stock

It is a monetary unit made for the people, by the people.

Jackson Palmer is the coin’s co-creator, and co-founded the Dogecoin Foundation, a charitable organization that centers around the digital currency.

Each day, more and more industries are taking exception to what dogecoins offers, and are finding ways to implement them in their own businesses. Coinreport has comprised a list of the top 5 places that accept dogecoin transactions.

Yes, We Take Dogecoins

5. AllGamer.net

AllGamer is a Texas-based website that specializes in gaming and information technology, and packs in enough power to make gaming experiences all the more entertaining. Anyone using the service is used to receiving high end performance service at an affordable price.

Where to invest into dogecoin

Support from major companies and high profile enthusiasts like Elon Musk help, too. With the help of crypto cards, P2P payments, gift cards and online shopping, you can use Dogecoin to buy practically anything these days.

How to Pay with Dogecoin

For those wondering how to use Dogecoin, there four easy ways to buy stuff and pay with Dogecoin.

  • Pay directly to merchants that accept Dogecoin online and in-person
  • Spend DOGE like cash using the BitPay Card
  • Buy gift cards with Dogecoin to use at Amazon, Walmart and other major companies
  • Send P2P Dogecoin payments through your crypto wallet

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Where Can I Spend Dogecoin? 11 Major Companies and Stores that Accept Dogecoin

Dogecoin accepted here! We’ve rounded up some of the most well-known companies that accept Dogecoin as payment.

Where to invest in dogecoin app

Apart from exchanges which let you trade Dogecoin, you can in theory use Dogecoin to make purchases.

In practice, places where you can pay with Dogecoin are not that common.

Bitcoin is by far the most popular cryptocurrency and is still only accepted at a handful of locations.

There are no major brands or shops which accept Dogecoin as payment.

Basketball team the Dallas Mavericks recently said it will start accepting Dogecoin – fans can buy tickets and merchandise with it online.

Mark Cuban, the billionaire entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, is a big fan of cryptocurrencies.

Announcing the acceptance if Dogecoin in March, Mr Cuban said: “The Mavericks have decided to accept Dogecoin as payment for Mavs tickets and merchandise for one very important, earth shattering reason, because we can!

“Because we can, we have chosen to do so.

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