There are better options to sell NFTs than Ethereum.

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Ethereum’s high gas fees have made the blockchain all but unusable for minting, selling, and trading non-fungible tokens on the mainnet. Eth 2 promises to fix this, but when?

If you’re looking to create your own music NFTs without the high cost, there are other options out there that will allow you to mint and sell your own tokens at a fraction of the cost of Ethereum.

Here are three blockchain alternatives to beat Ethereum’s high gas fees.

Check out these videos on NFTs for musicians:

Sell your music on OpenSea:
Three NFT platforms to sell your music:
NFT FM – a platform for musicians:


0:00 – Intro
0:24 – Welcome
0:44 – Ethereum gas fees are too high
1:24 – A few stats to get us started
2:23 – Polygon’s layer 2 solution for Ethereum
2:38 – Polygon’s network at a glance
3:06 – Where to sell NFTs on Polygon
3:50 – NFTrade on Polygon and Binance Smart Chain
4:07 – Binance Smart Chain was built for smart contracts
4:48 – BSC’s network at a glance
5:23 – Where to sell NFTs on Binance Smart Chain
5:48 – Solana was made for scale
6:11 – Solana’s network at a glance
6:33 – Where to sell NFTs on Solana
7:09 – Which other platforms should I cover?
8:05 – Outro

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