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We’ll see how they’ll hold up during the next bull market.

The trading interface is still pretty janky. In a way, Kraken is the perfect complement of Bitfinex – Bitfinex is better for trading while Kraken for plain purchasing.

Independent Reserve

  • Accepts AUD, NZD, USD, SGD (Locations: Most of the world)
  • Banks in AU
  • Altcoins A couple, mix of large-cap and new DeFi tokens.
  • Experience★★★★☆


Independent Reserve is an Australian crypto market that is catered towards crypto buy-and-hold investors.

Where to buy alt coins

Likewise, eToro has a distinct attribute called CopyTrader, where users can assign a section of their funds to resemble popular investors’ profiles.

Kraken is extremely comparable to Coinbase and also they likewise have a really fundamental system, making it ideal for newbie customers! Additionally created in 2011, they are among the most popular exchanges for European traders.

Just like Coinbase, you will certainly require to verify your account before you get going. If you are just depositing with a cryptocurrency, after that you just require to give fundamental details.

However, if you wish to use your savings account after that you will need to offer additional information such as your address.

When it comes to trading fees, this will depend upon the quantity you intend to trade and additionally on which currency you intend to purchase.

Altcoins to buy

Similar to ETH, NEO is a platform that uses smart contracts and allows for DApps. However, this altcoin is backed by the Chinese government, uses a special proof-of-stake mechanism, and uses a special asset (NeoGas) to fuel its blockchain.

Ripple (XRP).

XRP is primarily known as a digital payment network that hosts a cryptocurrency. The network is used for international money transfers.

XRP is not mined and uses a different consensus mechanism than traditional cryptos like BTC.

How to Buy Altcoins: Step-by-Step

Buying many altcoins requires just a few steps beyond purchasing bitcoin. In this article, we recommend purchasing BTC and trading BTC for the desired altcoin.

Many, if not most altcoins, should be paired with BTC on one of the exchanges. However, you don’t need to purchase cryptos through exchanges.

Where to buy alt coins reddit

Common use cases for this feature are for example decentralized exchanges (DEX) or decentralized finance applications (DeFi).

How to buy Tezos using a credit card?

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Currently Bitpanda supports buying Tezos with credit or debit card. Please note that this is only available for EU citizens

Go to Bitpanda (Tezos credit card support)

Currently no other exchanges with Tezos support accepts direct payments with credit or debit cards.

At the time Tezos will be on more exchanges, it will be possible to purchase XZT using credit card. Currently the only possibility is to buy Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies (like Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, etc.) and to look for exchanges with XTZ support.

Use the wheretobuytezos.com search form, select the credit/debit card symbol to find an exchange.

Where to buy alt coins canada

EU residents.

Coinbase lists a mixture of big and small cryptocurrencies, which makes it the easiest way to get exposure to new tokens (DeFi, anyone?).

Join Coinbase


In 2017, Coinbase lost a court case with the IRS and is obliged to share user data with the IRS.

They are capitalizing a lot on the fact that the noobs choose them. (Not that it’s terribly wrong, just saying.) You can buy directly through the wallet but the fees can get crazy. The regular exchange market with normal fees is at Coinbase PRO (formerly GDAX).

  • Coinbase Wallet instant buy fee: between 1.49% and 3.99% depending on method
  • Coinbase PRO instant buy fee (AKA market order, fills right away): 0.25%
  • Coinbase PRO limit buy fee (AKA limit order, fills when the market gets there): 0

Last negative is that Coinbase is tracing where your crypto came from.

Where to buy alt coins uk

This can be as low as 0.02% or as high as 0.26%. You can examine each individual charge by clicking here.

Unlike Coinbase, Sea serpent has an actually excellent option of where to buy altcoins, consisting of Excellent Lumens, Surge, ZCash as well as even more!

Although there is no phone assistance offered, you can request assistance via their real-time conversation facility. Nevertheless, there does seem to be a lot of poor testimonials regarding the top quality of their customer care.

It’s hard to nail down the “ideal exchange” because it relies on your region, the coins you intend to get, the trading attributes you want, as well as much more.

You can not please everybody! Nonetheless, we can confidently advise Coinbase as the best location to buy Bitcoin for newbies. eToro is an excellent trading platform.

Where to buy alt coins australia

Even if a government agency asks for access to your messages, LocalCryptos cannot provide any.

Join LocalCryptos

How to Buy Small Altcoins for Other Crypto

For crypto-to-crypto trades, the regulations are typically far less strict than for transactions between fiat and crypto.

There are plenty places where you can use BTC, ETH or some other larger crypto and swap it for the small-cap token of your choice without any KYC, in some cases without any need to sign up for an account.

Buy-And-Hold, Small Amounts: Altcoin Wallet Built-ins

If you are looking for the fastest and easiest way to buy a smaller altcoin for a larger one, just use an exchange or swap built into your wallet.

Since the exchange is inside an app you already use, the danger you will land on a scam imposter exchange is negligible.

Where to buy alt coins in us


You need to be fully verified to even access Bitstamp: ID, proof of residence, selfie.

Certain account worth changes trigger additional KYC, such as questionnaire inquiring about how much you are about to traded and why will you be doing that.

The trading engine is slow and fees too high for active trading: Bitstamp rounds up the fee for every partial purchase which makes the whole trade relatively expensive.


  • Accepts EU, US and most of the world (SEPA, wire)
  • Banks in US
  • Altcoins Ethereum, Litecoins, DeFi tokens (mix)
  • Experience★★★☆☆


Coinbase is the most popular exchange and crypto wallet in the US.

For US residents it is supper convenient to deposit in there, buy crypto on the exchange and keep it in the wallet.

Where to buy crypto coins

The name simply means ‘Alternative Coin’ and was coined (pardon the pun) in around 2011 when one of the first Altcoins called ‘Namecoin’ launched.

Altcoins are traded on an Altcoin exchange, stay tuned to learn more about these trading platforms.

What is an Altcoin Exchange?

An Altcoin exchange is a trading platform which lets you trade Altcoins. These exchanges usually don’t require KYC checks and are used frequently by thousands of traders worldwide due to the increased volatility of Altcoins.

How do Altcoin Exchanges Work?

Altcoin exchanges work by matching orders of different altcoin traders on an Altcoin trading platform.
Once the order is matched, the assets are transferred accordingly between the two parties.

How to Use an Altcoin Exchange

Getting started trading Altcoins on an exchange is a simple and easy process.

Where to buy crypto coins online

  • Bitfinex doesn’t do KYC for crypto deposits
  • Wallet built-ins will let you buy small crypto from wallets like Exodus or Ledger (see above)
  • Daytrading and staking crypto from the US

    If you are American and want to daytrade your newly acquired altcoins, you have following options:

    • Trade spot and margin-spot unverified on Bitfinex with no limits on withdrawals or trade size.
    • For high leverage, small altcoins and perpetual swap with no KYC there are two new Asian platforms
      • Bitforex with up to 200x leverage, no KYC and no geo-based restrictions
      • Phemex with bonuses and trading competitions, no KYC but US traders are not welcome
    • To get DeFi tokens, WhiteBit lets you trade unverified until 2 BTC withdrawals per day.

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