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Hosted by NFT Nick, Pio Vincenzo, & Sophisticated Art Speculator.

The Nifty Alpha is an NFT Market discussion that focuses on trading and market dynamics using data analytics and firsthand trading experience.

00:00 – Intro
02:10 – The Lil Baby Ape Club release
06:00 – Nick’s recent selling activity
09:23 – Pio’s recent selling activity
12:41 – Captain Kix.eth’s recent selling activity
18:43 – The first type of selling – write offs
21:44 – The second type of selling – bearish long-term tokens
36:02 – The third type of selling – portfolio management
39:51 – Breaking news on Lil Baby Ape Club
44:04 – Summary of when to sell your NFTs
45:37 – Outro

Please visit for access to the data tools that are used in this video.

DISCLAIMER: You should never treat any opinion expressed by the hosts of this content as a recommendation to make a particular investment, or to follow a particular strategy. The thoughts and commentary on this show are an expression of the hosts’ opinions and are for entertainment and informational purposes only. This show is never financial advice.

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