In this video, I’ll show you how to purchase/mint NFTs!
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The 2 Green Chip NFTs that I minted-
1/ SeaBums: (Still minting @ 0.04 ETH)
2/ Arkanauts:

How to install Metamask Wallet:
How to install Phantom Wallet:

Learn NFTs with me!

What is an NFT? How much is an NFT? How do I buy an NFT? We’ll talk Crypto, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, non-fungible token, NFT art, NFT games and Ethereum 2.0! A beginners guide to buying on Opensea, web3, DAO, Gas Fees, Environment, Climate Change, Defi, Binance, ETH, Ether, Blockchain and environmental, climate, climate change, environmental issues and effects associated with of NFTs.

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