What To Expect From Coolman’s Universe – T2M#71 (feat. Coolman CoffeeDan)

If you’re in the NFT space, you’ve heard of Coolman’s Universe by now.
The Coolman’s Universe is an NFT project by one of the biggest artists in the world, Danny Casale… otherwise known as Coolman CoffeeDan.
This project will unveil the characters in Danny’s mind and follow the story of Danny’s main character, Spesh. The whole point of Coolman’s Universe is to follow Spesh’s story of him trying to find his best friend.
@Danny Casale
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Throughout the episode, we discussed:
– What is Coolman’s Universe?
– Who is Spesh and where did the inspiration come from?
– Danny’s journey to get to this point
– The future of Coolman’s Universe

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