That will also help adoption with the rest of the local banks as they will find it convenient to adopt Ripple to expedite business operations with their own national central bank.

The forum concludes that settling payments using XRP has many advantages over the USD in terms of speed, price, and security. They believe that it will take about five more years to see XRP take that market away from the dollar for good.

Mind you, this is not a conclusion coming out of an XRP fan or bull (of which there are plenty) but from a group of Wall Street insiders which have not had the friendliest attitude towards cryptocurrencies in general over the last decade. So listening to them could be a particularly good idea.

Disclaimer: The presented information is subjected to market condition and may include the very own opinion of the author.

Wall street bets xrp

Reddit groupWallStreetBets, after deciding to drive up the value ofGameStop’s (GME)shares and the price of the cryptoDogecoin(DOGE), has now apparently decidedto pump Ripple (XRP).

In fact, today at 2.30 PM CET, the group set out to buy XRP en masse and thus cause its price to skyrocket.

Before XRP: WallStreetBets and market manipulation

Before getting caught up in the hype, it is worth noting thatDogecoin – after this pump – went down again just as quickly. In fact, thanks toWallStreetBets, the price had risen from around 0.01 cents to 0.07 cents and has now fallen again to 0.03 cents.

That’s why it’s better to be careful in such a volatile market, not to mention the fact that according to the law, manipulations are certainly not legal and punishable, so technicallywhat the group is doing would not be legal.

Wall street bets xrp reddit

Gamestop, triggering a short squeeze and inflicting heavy losses for hedge funds like Melvin Capital.

New groups of coordinated traders on Telegram has now joined forces with WSB and have managed to push the XRP price higher over the past three days and the Ripple associated token was up by over 100% from $0.2478 to $0.5100.

XRP price is currently trading at $0.48 according to CoinMarketCap, but according to discussions on Telegram, the crypto’s price could surge massively on February 1st at 8:20 EST as “Buy & Hold XRP FEB 1st, 2021” and WSB are promoting a coordinated pump and dump.

From DOGE to XRP

As WSB traders put the short squeeze on hedge funds with their coordinated buying attack on GameStop and AMC stock last week, exchanges came under pressure to halt retail trading.

Wallstreetbets xrp pump

A recent discussion forum held in Wall Street had a round of conversation about cryptocurrencies. There was mention of Bitcoin, Ethereum and others, but also Ripple’s XRP, and that turned out to be discussion’s most crucial point.

The forum’s participants agreed collectively that Ripple’s XRP will grow into the world’s preferred means of exchanging value, especially internationally, instead of the USD, which has been the world’s “moneda franca” since the end of World War II.
And they had reasons to support such a bold statement.

Ripple’s tools and currency improve speed dramatically

The forum’s participants all agreed that Ripple’s technology and currency improve international transfers substantially.

Wall street bets ripple

La community di Reddit Wall Street Bets (r/wallstreetbets), dopo aver ottenuto un enorme successo con il pump delle azioni di GameStop, ora sta cercando di pompare anche il prezzo di XRP (Ripple).

A dire il vero, sebbene non vi siano prove, può darsi che siano stati sempre loro a creare anche il pump di Dogecoin (DOGE) degli ultimi giorni, quindi non sarebbe assurdo se riuscissero a pompare anche XRP.

Tuttavia si tratta di iniziative diverse rispetto a quella di GameStop, in cui gli investitori retail si sono schierati contro la grande finanza e gli hedge fund a colpi di meme, nonostante ad esempio l’opposizione di Robinhood.

Xrp price wall street bets

GameStop (GME)e il prezzo della cryptoDogecoin(DOGE), ora pare che abbia deciso difar salire Ripple (XRP).

Oggi, infatti, alle ore 14.30 italiane, il gruppo si è organizzato percomprare in massa XRPe quindi farne salire il prezzo alle stelle.

Prima di XRP: WallStreetBets e le manipolazioni di mercato

Prima di farsi prendere dall’entusiasmo, ricordiamo cheDogecoin – dopo questo pump – è sceso di nuovo altrettanto velocemente.Infatti, grazie aWallStreetBets, il prezzo era salito da circa 0.01 centesimi a 0.07 centesimi ed ora è nuovamente sceso sui 0.03 centesimi di dollaro.

Per questo è meglio stare attenti in un mercato così volatile, oltre al fatto che secondo la legge le manipolazioni non sono certo lecite e punibili, quindi tecnicamenteciò che il gruppo sta facendo non sarebbe legale.

Ripple xrp wallstreetbets

Friday, as the round of U.S. economic data suggested more inflation and higher interest rates. The dollar was last down about 0.2% against a basket of its major peers – still on course for a second month of gains.

Futures markets now predict that U.S.
interest rates will peak by December this year, rather than June 2023, and the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates by nearly 50 bps next year to support slowing growth. [0#FF:]

“Strong hiring and falling GDP mean an unsustainable collapse in productivity. The labor market should slow quickly, soon,” Bank of America economists Ethan Harris and Aditya Bhave wrote in a note Friday.
“The Fed is likely to respond slowly to a recession.

Wall street bets reddit ripple

Un fait confirmé hier sur Twitter par l’analyste Larry Cermak du journal The Block. Et qui trouve un écho effectif dans la courbe du prix du XRP qui a enregistré une hausse de l’ordre de 100% uniquement sur les dernières 24h.

Ce qui peut tout autant être l’intégralité de ce pump artificiel ou son simple commencement, il s’agit ensuite de la conviction de chacun. Et de sa propension à prendre des risques dans ce genre de jeux plutôt douteux.

WallStreetBets ou fake pump & dump ?

Est-ce réellement un mouvement initié par le groupe WallStreetBets ? Ou une tentative de surfer sur cette actualité pour faire grimper le cours de l’une des cryptomonnaies les moins rentables du top 10 actuel.
Cela sur fond d’une société Ripple en prise avec la SEC et de multiples procédures judiciaires à son encontre.

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    Settling a payment in the foreign exchange market using Ripple takes seconds instead of days (from two to seven) which is the typical time horizon when you use the standard SWIFT system instead.

    The technology allows for real-time operations in the financial scene which was unheard of before Ripple come along. Additionally, Ripple’s new platforms such as xCurrent or xRapid, make everything even faster, cheaper and more reliable.
    It’s better for the banks and their customers. And, while they didn’t say this at the forum, it’s also better for the cryptosphere.

    Ripple’s system can transfer any fiat currency into any other fiat currency, from one country to another, even faster than the Bitcoin network can.

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