The conflict in Ukraine between Ukrainian Forces and Russia continues. The brutal Russian invasion stunned the world who rallied behind the Ukranian people in defence of their homeland. Of course, social media was where most of the reaction took place and it got weird.

Crypto Bros jumped on the conflict to discuss how it proved that Bitcoin was the future – for both Russia and Ukraine. NFT scams have popped up claiming to be funding Ukranian relief efforts.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy decision to stay behind in the besieged country, which earned him global admiration. But even this got weird. Western liberals started discussing how good looking they found him (which apparently is relevant) and others started calling him Captain Ukraine because we have now reached the stage in society where adults can only process current events by viewing them as another movie in the MCU.

Finally, AnnaLynne McCord also decided she wanted to be Putin’s mother.

.00:00:00 – Intro
00:03:27 – The NFT world reacts to Ukraine
00:10:30 – The Bitcoin world reacts to Ukraine
00:17:30 – Liberals be stop being weird about Zelenskyy
00:20:56 – AnnaLynne McCord wants to be Putin’s Mother
00:24:34 – Social Media got very weird
00:27:22 – Russian soldiers on Tinder…?
00:29:00 – Closing Thoughts

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