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12 Year Old Nyla Hayes Made $4 Million #Investing
in NFTs
Nyla Hayes, a 12 year old girl who is one of the youngest investors on Wall Street, made $4
million from her investments in non-fungible tokens (#NFTs).
When Nyla was 10 years old, she made $250,000 from selling NFTs, and continued making
smart investments in NFTs over the next few years which led to her earning that large
amount at such a young age.
In fact, she has earned so much from investing in NFTs that she hopes to attend Stanford
University and study computer science when she gets older!
Let’s get into the details of Nyla Haye’s story and what we should learn from her investment
journey? Watch the video completely to know this!
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That being said, let’s begin.
12-year-old #Nyla started investing at 9:
I started at age 9 because I wanted to start early. At that time, we were living in a
one-bedroom apartment, she says.
I knew my family could use more space and a newer house, so I asked them if they would
consider moving to another area.
We found out that it would cost us about $500 per month more to live there than where we
currently lived.
So, I decided that instead of asking for money for toys or clothes, which was normal for my
age at that time (9), I told them instead that we could move if they just let me invest what
money we had left over each month.
It took a while, but eventually they agreed to try it. And that’s how I started investing.
She has since been able to purchase other things too-like new computers for her school.
She also wants to get her own place by next year after earning enough from real estate
investments using blockchain #technology [TKN].

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