THERE is an apparent gender gap in the NFT space.
Male creators dominate about 77% of NFT Sales, as opposed to women who are at 5%.
(16% Unknown; 2% Collective)

However, as days go by, and as the NFT industry is greatly expanding, New FEMALE NFT artists and creators are releasing NFT projects that are forever shaping the web3 industry.

Don’t believe Me?
Here’s OUR Top 10 List of Female-Led NFT Projects

10► 00:03 The Flower Girls – Varvara Alay
09► 00:08 Women and Weapons – Sara Baumann
08► 00:14 Haze Monkeys NFT – Peace Ojemeh
07► 00:18 Boss Beauties – Lisa Mayer
06► 00:24 Sad Girls Bar – Glam Beckett
05►’00:28 Cryptochicks – Ms Polly
04► 00:33 GroupHug – Randi Zuckerberg
03► 00:39 Women Rise – Mahila Abidi
02► 00:43 Mars House – Krista Kim
01► 00:48 World of Women – Yam Karkai


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