The Nudie NFT Community Project is a collection of unique nudie cats that were created by a team of only women.

These women are pioneers in the NFT and Crypto World as they only account for less than 10% of the entire community. This project is gaining momentum and growing so fast that in order to be more inclusive, they are including men on the team as well. Moving forward this project will be a woman led project.

This video goes over the top 10 reasons why I like the Nudie Community. Some of my favorite reasons are that once you purchase an NFT, you become part of a community. The community is extremely organized and they have a weekly schedule to keep the members engaged. Some of these activities include meditation, town halls, trivia, movie night and comedy night. Everyone is welcomed to all of these events, regardless of gender.

The project is also very active in donating to women causes around the world. I personally admire the fact that the community members are allowed to vote on which organization to support. Having community involvement in these decisions make you feel as you are part of the team.

The nudie community is a collection of unique nudie cats that have unique characteristics. The artwork was created by four women artist that are actively working on the team. There will be another collection coming in the near future – the Fur Cats. If you are an owner of a nudie and a fur cat, you will be able to breed them and then you will have a third collection.

I am not a financial advisor in any way shape or form.

0:00 Nudie Community Introduction
0:29 Women Led NFT Project
0:56 Extremely Organized
1:38 Community Involvement
2:18 Free Air Drop in March
2:39 Floor to 1 ETH is Lava
4:47 People Love Cats
5:08 Companions and Breeding
5:24 Charity Conations
5:43 Men Support Needed
6:19 Saying “Send Nudies”

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