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00:00 Introduction to NFTs
Non-Fungible Tokens are used to verify true ownership of an asset by attaching a digital key to it that is registered on a blockchain, therefore making the asset truly unique because no copy of it can exist with the same key.

NFTs started gaining traction in 2017 and a few years later in 2021 saw a major surge in popularity, giving rise to flourishing marketplaces that facilitate the need to buy and sell goods.

00:35 Volume
The first place for volume goes to Opensea, followed by Axie Infinity and NBA top shots, with all time volume ranging from $9 billion to $706 million and with the last NFT marketplace on the list being Decentraland with a total volume of 42 million.

00:54 Blockchain
The most popular blockchain for NFT marketplaces is Ethereum with 7 marketplaces utilising it and in addition Tezos, polygon and Flow are used.

01:03 Founded
Most marketplaces were found in 2020 and the oldest in 2017, and the newest freshly in 2021.

01: 12 Team
Team composition hovers around 50 people per brand and headquarters are scattered around the world, with Newark US being the most popular because of Opensea and Superrare.

1:21 Fees
Buyer fees range from 2% to 5.25% and seller fees vary from 2,5% to 15%, with the occasional flat fee.

1:31 File formats
The most accepted file formats to mint NFTs are JPEG,Mp4 and GIFs, with exceptions being SVG, GLTF and WEBM.

1:43 Royalties
Royalties are allowed by most platforms and 50% of all NFT marketplaces make use of a native token, used for various services within the marketplaces such as fees, buying and selling.

1:55 Funding
Sorare leads the way with total amount of funding with $737 million, followed by NBA top shots with $636 million and Axie Infinity with $158 million in total funding to date.

02:11 Investors
The most notable, high profile investors are Mark Cuban, Coinbase, Samsung, Softbank and Andreessen Horowitz.

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