Thanks to amazing new Defi Protocols (Defi, “Decentralized Finance”), online gaming now opens up more doors to Play AND Earn income via the projects native token…$PIXL in this case. Farming $PIXL allows you to convert your balance to Ethereum to purchase items for the Pixlverse on the secondary markets like Opensea and Looksrare…you can also use your $PIXL for Defi Protocols within the game, or even to purchase items within the Pixlverse marketplace. With Sappy Seals, you have the option to stake your NFT to passively earn (farm) a certain amount of $PIXL per day based on your Seals rarity.

The Sappy Seals are part of a much larger ecosystem called the Pixlverse in which you will be introduced to yield farming and more Defi Protocols through gameplay.

Axie Infinity is now worth over $30 Billion (Fully Diluted), and it was launched only 4 years ago.

*This is only fun, not financial advice.

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