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South County Stocks offers beginner and advanced trading lessons covering stocks and options. You will receive daily signals on Watchlists, Entry and Exit prices, Profit Targets and Stop Loss. You won’t have to do any of the research and just focus on trading like a pro. Our goal is for everyone who joins to become a fully self sufficient trader.

1) Getting Started: Lessons on how to Day Trade as a Beginner or a Pro. Indicators, strategies, Charting, Risk Management and Profit Taking + Swing Trading Lessons & Strategy. + Options Lessons & Strategies exclusive for Premium Tier.

2) Watchlists: Start ahead with a list of the best setups to trade for the day.

3) Buy & Sell Timing: Get real-time alerts on what stocks we plan on Day Trading, the Entry Price, Where to set your Stop Loss, and Profit Taking Levels.

4) Options Signals: Get a list of the Options Setups we plan on Trading Daily, Entry Levels and Profit Targets.

5) Swing Trades: Grow your account by building positions in Undervalued Companies with Big Potential.

6) Discord: Chat with all the members live via discord app real-time about the trades for the day and any other market related topics of discussion.

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