Looking for an affordable NFT that could explode in value? Check out this short video where I show an cheap NFT that could become really sought after in the next few weeks and months and make you 10x or 100x.

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NFT’s are incredibly popular at the moment and money is flowing into this exciting market at an incredible speed. However, how do you find the best NFT to invest in?

My argument is that you are far more likely to see better returns by buying gaming NFTs as these have real utility and usefulness and are therefore much more likely to see a genuine long term demand rather than a speculative punt on a cryptopunk.

The trouble with art NFT’s is that if you are buying them in order to flip them for a profit, you are relying on someone else buying them because they think they will find someone else to do the same and so on. It’s a very dangerous game to play because at some point people will realise that the artwork itself has no intrinsic value.

A far better market to look at is the fast growing play to earn and free to play games market which is already bigger than the global movie industry. That’s where my money is going at the moment.

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