This piece is the result of an investigation into the dark past of the characters of our time, framed under satire and reflection on contemporary art. Realities and conspiracies. The work hides 12 hidden messages, encrypted in graphic and sound elements, conceptually rich in symbolism, which must be deciphered, some can take years to discover. This work of art is an expression that should serve as a testimony for future generations, of how art is also an instrument of communication with a unique language that can be interpreted from the point of view of sensitivity, where what is not explicit, can hide great truths.

As an artist, I challenge the viewer to enter the artwork and put into it all their senses, their curiosity, and their cunning, especially their sensitivity. It will not be easy, you will also have to do research and try to find answers.

You can find answers in a sound, an object, an engraving, or an analogy. Perhaps the subconscious can provide an answer.



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