This video lists the Top 15 most expensive NFT Memes ever sold. The most expensive. It also explains these NFT questions:
* What is a meme?
* What is an NFT?
* What is a meme NFT?


0:00 Intro
0:55 What meme-NFTs are
2:06 What memes are
4:28 Broke Celebrity Phenomenon
5:14 What NFTs are.
7:33 Memeconomy
16:33 How fractionalization made the DOGE MEME skyrocket
19:45 Outro

Because NFT technology is used to sell memes. It allowed buying and selling memes for the 1st time in history. All these meme sales took place in 2021.

These are the most expensive NFT memes ever sold: Success Kid, Bad Luck Brian, Friendship Ended with Mudasir, Scumbag Steve, Keyboard Cat, Trollface, Creepy Chan, Grumpy Cat, Side-eyeing Chloe, Harambe, Disaster Girl, Overly Attached Girlfriend, Nyan Cat, Pepe the frog, Doge.

I also mention something very few people know: for a few hours the most expensive artwork in the history of humanity was an NFT, surpassing even Salvator Mundi, the most expensive canvas painting ever sol.

I’m Matt Garcia and I write books about the NFT phenomenon.

In this video, I talk about one very specific type of NFT — the NFTs that allow people to make money from their Memes. NFTs allow meme creators to monetize their digital artworks.

Okay, so, Meme NFTs, what are they? Well, like all other NFT types, meme NFTs are simply a digital certificate that allows you to prove that somebody owns something. As simple as that, a certificate of ownership that’s all an NFT is.

The special thing about these certificates, however, is that they are ultrasafe because they are stored in a special type of computer system called a blockchain. Blockchains used as a mainstream way to store these certificates only became popular this year, in 2021 (the beginning of the first NFT mania was February 2021). That’s why all of a sudden everybody is talking about NFTs because they really are very new.

A meme is simply an iconic image or a very short video that is so often shared and by so many people on social media that it becomes like a virus. Like a cultural infection that all of a sudden reaches millions of people.

You can come across these memes on Twitter, on internet forums like Reddit, but also, in more man-on-the-street social networks like Facebook or WhatsApp.

There are many subtypes of Memes, but the most important type by far is the one consisting of a humorous photograph with a superimposed text. These images are shared during social media interactions to reinforce the point that a person is trying to make.

Dawkins invented the term ‘meme’ in his amazing book The Selfish Gene in 1976. So the internet wasn’t even a thing at the time.
He used it to refer to any human idea that spreads virally from peson to person. Decades later, when these popculture images appeared on the internet somebody decided to use the term meme to refer to them and it stuck.

Like any other type of image file, a meme can now be bought and sold thanks to NFTs.

It is a simple process: the author of the meme creates an NFT certificate (this process is called ‘minting an NFT’) and publicly declares that the official ownership of his meme is from now on represented by that NFT. Therefore, although the image file may be on everyone’s computer, the OFFICIAL ownership of that meme is only held by the person who possesses the NFT certificate. That’s what people are buying when they buy an NFT.

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