Choose from our 5,000 NFT TRexes from the Emmy Award-winning Team at Pixeldust Studios, creators of the series Ancient Earth, Ancient Oceans, Natgeo’s Jurassic CSI, and other primetime dinosaur series. Pixeldust NFT is building a Dinoverse for gaming, where holders can compete for rewards in Teddy avatar form. Here you will also be able to battle and engage with other Pixeldust NFT projects and more. Join us for the journey!

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We are an award-winning media production studio that specializes in animation, video production, interactive media design and location based experiences. Our name is a reflection of our belief that magic is real, and that it can be found through good storytelling. We are passionate individuals who find immeasurable joy in the pursuit of this magic.

Located in Metro Washington DC, New York City, Madrid Spain, and Monterrey Mexico, our world-class roster of multidisciplinary designers, content developers, producers, and programmers who have worked at the pinnacle of the entertainment and advertising industries. We work seamlessly, commanding the latest technological tools to craft the most unique and mind-blowing ideas into memorable experiences, infused with our understanding of entertainment and viral potential.

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