On this episode of 60 Mints, the NFT News Show, we discuss the recent Azuki NFT price action, Tasty Bones NFT reveal, NFL All Day Super Bowl pack drop, and Disney moving closer to the metaverse.

Plus, our main NFT news story of the day: The New York Stock Exchange has filed a trademark for their own NFT marketplace, bringing more big players into the NFT space.

~~~ On this show ~~~
0:00 – Intro to NFT News
0:35 – Azuki NFTs are taking over
1:12 – Tasty Bones NFT Reveals
2:02 – NFL All Day Super Bowl Pack Drop
2:48 – UFC Strike Marketplace update
3:08 – Disney Hires Metaverse Executive
3:50 – How will Disney enter the NFT Space?
4:23 – Snoop Dogg to make Death Row Records an NFT Music Label
5:41 – New York Stock Exchange files trademark for NFT marketplace

~~~ Sources from this show ~~~
➤ See the Azuki NFT Collection and Sales Data ➤ https://momentranks.com/eth/collection/azuki
➤ Tasty Bones XYZ NFT Collection on OpenSea ➤ https://opensea.io/collection/tastybonesxyz
➤ NFL All Day Super Bowl Pack Drop ➤ https://blog.nflallday.com/posts/super-bowl-lvi-pack-preview
➤ Disney appoints a Metaverse executive ➤ https://www.cnbc.com/2022/02/15/disney-appoints-executive-to-lead-metaverse-development.html
➤ Snoop Dogg to make Death Row the first NFT Record Label ➤ https://www.complex.com/music/snoop-dogg-death-row-nft-record-label
➤ New York Stock Exchange files trademark for NFT Marketplace ➤ https://www.reuters.com/technology/nyse-moves-closer-nft-trading-with-trademark-application-2022-02-16/
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