Tai Lopez OG Original Garage Social Club NFT Project is it A Scam? Well Let’s Review Tai Lopez OG Original Garage NFT Project…

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The “OG (original garage) Social Club” NFT collection by Tai Lopez consists of Silver “Mentorship” cards (Tier 1), Gold “Mastermind” cards (Tier 2), and Black “1 on 1 Mentorship” cards (Tier 3). The vision behind this project is to create a members only club where only NFT holders members get access to millionaire mentors and entrepreneurs through a collection of masterminds, hotels, night clubs, restaurants, popup events, physical and digital seminars, training courses, in person mentorships, conferences, fireside chats, and so much more! When you buy an OG (original garage) Social Club NFT, you’re not just buying another digital NFT – you’re gaining access to a new way of life that makes this NFT valuable for the long run. Plus when you’ve learned enough you can just trade the NFT to someone else who needs it. Remember, “The More You Learn, The More You Earn.”
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0:00 Intro
1:09 What Is OG Original Garage NFT
2:43 Tai Lopez OG NFT Website Review
8:52 Tai Lopez OG NFT Utility Map Review
10:21 Tai Lopez OG NFT OpenSea Review
12:01 Tai Lopez NFT Community Review
12:56 Tai Lopez OG NFT Pros & Cons
17:33 Tai Lopez OG NFT Honest Review & Rating
18:20 Outro

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