Take the time to pause the video when you see information cards. There is information there which will assist you in understanding terms or points of discussion.

I raise several points in this video about the fact that StockX has tied their NFTs to physical products. My biggest question is if they have sneakers in their vault, has the site been buying footwear this entire time? If so, StockX could have a coffer of many of the best releases in sneaker culture sitting which not only takes them from being a digital third-party marketplace, but it makes StockX potentially a much bigger version of Stadium Goods with the ability to offset expenses by not just offering the ability to sell, but the company’s physical inventory does something most digital companies that IPO with just a user base, can’t do. StockX can tie its success to physical sales. StockX can open its own doors in key cities.

I didn’t get into this in detail, but these are the thoughts in my mind now.

The final discussion point I placed on one of the cards in the video, do you think StockX created their own blockchain to avoid litigation from brands for building NFTs using trademarked logos? Their blockchain can be verified using Etherscan, but the NFTs cannot be taken outside of the StockX blockchain. Check out the video below.

StockX NFTs Landing Page:

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