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Time Stamps

0:00 – 1:23 – Intro
1:24 – 2:04 – Giveaway
2:05 – 4:21 – Introduction to Enzyme
4:22-10:09 – Enzyme, Building Your Portfolio
10:10 – 14:34 – Tokensets Overview
10:35 – 16:09 – Conclusion

Have you ever wanted to start your own hedge fund? Have you ever wondered how does a crypto hedge fund work, or what are the alternatives to traditional index funds and 401k?

Do you want to be the next Wolf of Crypto? Watch this video to learn more about cryptocurrency hedge funds and how to build an investment empire. We cover some of the top crypto funds in the world, tax and legal considerations, the massive potential of this business, major risks, and other much-needed information that you must know about!

The good news is that there are protocols available in the cryptocurrency world that allow anybody to build their own crypto hedge funds. These protocols include Enzyme finance and TokenSets.

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