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Additionally, as conveyed in the Measures, the EEAB has established a foreigner’s hotline — Tel: 28951900, 9am -5pm Mon-Fri — for further concerns related to exit-entry policies during the coronavirus period.

We can report that the Shanghai municipal government, following the lead of the National government, remains diligent in issuing measures to facilitate swift online immigration, work permit and residence permit applications and help reduce cross-border movements at this difficult time.

If you have questions or concerns related to entering and exiting China, work visas or residence visas or other related matters, please contact Horizons at +86 21 5356 3400 or [email protected]

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Depending on your situation, the EEAB is likey to go light on you, perhaps without any consequence at all. Under the Measures, foreigners unable to leave the country in time and who have overstayed their visa or residence permit due to the epidemic prevention and control programme shall be subject to reduced or waived overdue residence penalties in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
The EEAB shall determine the penalty according to the circumstances of each case. However, to think that the coronavirus situation allows you to simply ignore your visa expiration date would be a serious mistake.
For my residence permit, can I obtain the required temporary residency registration online?

Yes. Temporary residency registration can be obtained online through the website (English).

“There’s a lack of leadership on the global fighting of the pandemic,” Wang, president of the Center for China & Globalization, said in an interview from the Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Singapore. “There’s a need for having that so we can facilitate travel, the movement of people, and even for Chinese government officials to visit other countries.”

Wang said he hopes the country’s strict approach to handling Covid-19 will change and that it will gradually reopen. China is preparing for several major events, including the Olympic Games starting in February, making the easing of restrictions unlikely before then.

“I hope that after the Beijing Olympics, we will see something happening,” Wang said.

Speaking the same week that President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping met for a virtual summit, Wang added he hoped the U.S.

During the epidemic, can I renew my work permit and residence permit?

For the most part, yes. On 1 February 2020, the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission (SMSTC) promulgated the Notice of Implementing “No Physical Contact” Approval Process for the Internet Matters Related to Foreigners’ Work Permits in China (“Notice”).

The Notice temporarily adjusts the application, renewal and cancellation procedures for Type B and Type C permits, in that companies may utilise a “commitment system” to proceed formalities entirely online and hold that documents previously required and to be submitted in person have been temporarily abandoned. For Type A work permits, the procedures related to application, renewal and cancellation remain unchanged.

Currently, the Shanghai Exit-Entry Administration Bureau (“EEAB”) for residence permits renewals remains in full service. On 18 February 2020, the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau issued Six Measures to Strengthen the Management of Foreign Immigration during the Epidemic (“Measures”).
The Measures offer “green channels” (online fast-track service) for foreigners affected by the epidemic and in urgent need of visa services; such foreigners may access instant services for visa application and issuance. “Green channels” are additionally available to institutions with a high number of foreigners such as universities and business enterprises. The EEAB will provide requisite support according to the situation demands.

I was unable to renew my residence permit due to the epidemic, and now I have overstayed my visa — what can I do?


They can also inquire about any changes of exit and entry policies on the official website of the NIA.

Published 27 February

Renewing Shanghai work permits and residence permits during the coronavirus epidemic

During the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, a primary concern for foreigners in China is renewing work permits and residence permits. Ordinarily, renewals of both permits should be conducted a minimum of 30 calendar days prior to their expiry date.
However, during this extraordinary circumstance, there may be some confusion for China a-base foreigners given mandated quarantine periods and return-to-work delays. To help clarify matters, we offer some answers to frequently asked questions regarding exit-entry concerns in Shanghai.

Russian invasion of Ukraine, with the thinking that Putin would not want to upstage and steal the thunder from his increasingly close partner, Xi. So what does Putin plan to do in Ukraine once the Olympics end on Feb. 20, and what role could

China play in such plans?

In answering such a question, it is necessary to acknowledge some concrete realities amid the escalatory rhetoric that has been taking place by both Moscow and the West in recent weeks. Although the United States has continued to warn that a Russian invasion of Ukraine could be imminent, this depends on Moscow’s willingness to risk the consequences.

The military and political consequences are significant yet hard to quantify, but the economic consequences would be straightforward and dramatic. U.S. President Joe Biden has clarified that any offensive actions in Ukrainian territory would be considered as an invasion.

Putin would have to weigh not only the military consequences of an invasion but also the possible economic and political ripple effects that would come as a result.

At the same time, the West has to consider the extent of its economic and political isolation from Russia, which could drive Moscow into an even closer relationship with China. This could violate a key geopolitical imperative for the United States, which is to prevent the emergence of a hegemon (or alliance of hegemons) in Eurasia that could challenge the United States’ global position.

Yet even in the best-case scenario—where war in Ukraine is averted and some kind of diplomatic understanding is reached—the prolonged standoff between Moscow and the West as well as its associated risks could transform the scale and depth of Russia’s ties with China in the long term.

As Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin declare there are “no limits” to Russia-China ties, Beijing has made it increasingly clear it supports Moscow’s position on Ukraine. According to China’s foreign ministry, Russia’s “reasonable security concerns should be taken seriously and resolved.” For its part, Moscow has directly connected its standoff with the West to its relations with China, with Russian ambassador to the U.K.

Andrey Kelin claiming on Jan. 30 that pressure from the United States and NATO is “pushing us to be closer” to Beijing.

Russia’s relationship with China is in the spotlight this week as Putin attends the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Winter Olympics on Feb. 4, the very Games the United States and a cluster of other Western countries will boycott diplomatically. It is these same Games that many (including U.S.

This is where the China factor becomes very important.

The biggest question is whether China can truly serve as an economic substitute for the West, dampening some of the cost of an invasion. After all, the United States and European Union have made clear that Russia would face major Western sanctions if it invades Ukraine, along with the inevitable reduction of trade flows and perhaps even the cancellation of major projects like the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline. As such, it is crucial to look at the structural nature of Russia’s economic relationships with both the West and with China, both in terms of trade flows and the infrastructure that underpins them.

Russia’s economic ties with China have certainly grown in recent years.

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