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The Binance Support Center contains multiple categories that you can choose from.

For example, if you’re having an issue with buying cryptocurrency, click on the “Buy Crypto (Fiat/P2P)” category.

After you’ve clicked on the “Buy Crypto (Fiat/P2P)” category, you’ll land on a page with frequently asked questions on it.

Click on a frequently asked question to get an answer for it.

You can also use the search bar in the Support Center to find a solution to your issue.

The Support Center has a ton of articles and videos to guide you in using the exchange.

If you’re facing an issue on the exchange, you’ll most likely be able to solve it by reading the articles and watching the videos there.

However, if you’re unable to resolve your issue, then you can try contacting Binance using the 3 ways below.


Prospect for better DEX –

Can the interests of traders be safeguarded without the inconveniences of existing DEXs?

Cryptocurrency as a source of trust could be used and combined with highly classified computing hardware to manage order mapping. For example, Trusted Execution Environments, which operates separately from the default operating system not available to the network administrator, can configure a special category in a computer processor.

A longer-term perspective can be used to accomplish similar outcomes through the combined effect of other new techniques such as computational multiples or zero-knowledge shreds of evidence, but these strategies are less advanced and applied to real-world situations.

Die marktführende Kryptobörse Binance ist angeblich in Gesprächen mit der Familie Hartono, der reichsten Familie Indonesiens, um eine weitere Handelsplattform in dem Inselstaat zu eröffnen.

Wie aus einem Bericht von Bloomberg hervorgeht, steht die Binance Holdings dafür bereits vor einem Deal mit der von den Geschwistern Budi und Michael Hartonos kontrollierten Großbank PT Bank Central Asia (BCA) und der staatlichen Telekommunikationsgesellschaft PT Telkom Indonesia.

Die BCA könnte für das Joint-Venture womöglich ein separates Unternehmen gründen, auch die sonstigen Details der angestrebten Kooperation sind noch nicht bekannt. Falls der Deal jedoch finalisiert wird, wäre Binance damit nun noch ein weiteres Mal in Indonesien vertreten.

JAKARTA (BLOOMBERG) – Binance Holdings is in talks with Indonesia’s richest family, the Hartonos, and a state-owned telecoms operator to set up a cryptocurrency trading exchange, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

The world’s largest crypto exchange has been in discussions with PT Bank Central Asia (BCA), controlled by sibling billionaires Budi and Michael Hartono, and PT Telkom Indonesia on the venture, the people said, asking not to be named because the matter is private.

A partnership between Binance, BCA and the country’s largest telecoms operator would spur wider adoption of cryptocurrencies in Indonesia, the world’s fourth most-populous nation, where many adults have little access to bank lending and other forms of formal finance.

Twitter profile.

Once you’re on the Binance Customer Support Twitter profile, you can send a direct message to them.

Click on the mail icon to open a conversation with them.

Then, explain your issue in detail and send the message.

For example, if you’re having trouble depositing fiat, you can say “Hi Binance Support, I am having an issue with getting my account verified”.

Alternatively, you can post a tweet about your issue and tag @BinanceHelpDesk.

Here’s an example of a tweet, “My withdrawal is suspended, please fix it! CASE ID #5304664 @BinanceHelpDesk”.

Make sure to include your case ID if you’ve submitted a request before.

Based on @BinanceHelpDesk’s tweets and replies, they reply in a timely manner.

Hence, tweeting them is a great way to get their attention.


As per the number being used by leading crisis critic, Nouriel Roubini, 99% of crypto-asset transactions were reported in 2019 on centralized exchanges. For the near future, CEXs will most probably continue to be a core component of the crypto world.
CEXs are fast and convenient, and yet traders typically need to deposit their money into an exchange-controlled account. Sadly, research by shows that such a loss of sovereignty over the digital assets of the user can constitute a severe and expensive compromise.

Crypto Custody: Control over Confidence –

The nightmare of CEX investors is that they can be hacked or fraud-filled and end up losing their deposit accounts.
Although the decline of Mt. Gox in 2014 took seven years, its post remains comparable with the risk of fraud in crypto-monetary terms.

Binance is to use r/binance on Reddit.

r/binance is the official subreddit for Binance.

The subreddit has a thread that deals with the consolidation of support questions and queries.

Firstly, head over to r/binance and click on the “Weekly Binance Support Thread” post.

Then, make a post about your unresolved case in this format:

  1. The exchange that you’re using (
  2. Support case ID
  3. Description of your issue

In order to post your case on the thread, you need to include your support case ID.

To get a support case ID, you need to start a live chat with Binance support first using the first method.

Once you’ve included your case ID, include a description of your issue.

Here’s an example of a post, “, ID 4915928.

Once the biggest exchange in the global economy, BTC, filed bankruptcy in 2014, where approximately 650,000 Bitcoin consumers were missing. Victims continue in the process of obtaining partial remuneration in 2021.

This kind of counterparty risk, unfortunately, is still today a threat.

Turkish bursar Thodex fled in April with $2 billion of uncounted investor money. China’s FCoin and also Australia’s ACX shuttered without notifying a year before.

It does not make a logical difference to speculators that are out of their pockets whether these failures are caused by hacks, fraud, or problems of a business model.

This is because you need to be logged in to your Binance account before you can chat with a customer service representative.

If you haven’t created an account yet, you can use this referral link:

Next, you need to select a sub-category from the bullet list provided.

Once you’ve selected a sub-category, you need to wait for a customer service representative to chat with you.

Depending on the number of requests that Binance is receiving, it can take several minutes or hours before you can chat with someone.

The queue time will be displayed on the chat.

Once the wait is over, make sure to explain that the issue that you’re facing in detail.

You can also attach a photo by clicking on the paperclip icon.


“We are supportive of the sustainable growth of the blockchain industry globally and we are constantly looking at business opportunities in every country,” the spokesman said.

Telkom Indonesia is studying new opportunities to partner with top players through its venture-capital arm MDI Ventures, especially considering the potential in the blockchain and crypto markets and the opportunity to leverage the group’s connectivity capabilities, said Mr Ahmad Reza, the firm’s vice-president of corporate communications and investor relations.

A representative of BCA said the lender had not discussed such a strategic investment at its board meeting.

Indonesia’s government has been supportive of crypto assets, allowing them to be traded alongside commodity futures as an investment option, and pushing to set up a crypto-focused exchange by the end of the year.

In an idealistic situation, the ability to transfer client funds quietly between accounts must be denied to an interchange operator.

Risk Management –

There are different ways to minimize these risks for well-capitalized or well-connected traders, although the solutions have their disadvantages.

Credits are a way of keeping an account from being pre-funded. Yes, if you are prepared to pay a large premium to a courier or if you can set up yourself as the top consumer and receive a loan line for a specific exchange.
In any case, it is costly, and that only the biggest donors can establish so good relations with various currencies.

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