Sorare is the biggest NFT soccer trading card game, but is it worth the money as an investment?

First the basics of how Sorare works: At its core it’s a trading card game using soccer/football players. You buy and sell cards with the images of real life players. They have licenses with different clubs and they add new clubs nearly every week.

Now most people come for the collectible cards but they stay for the fantasy game – this is called S05, and basically these are fantasy tournaments where you create a team made out of the players that you own and they compete against other teams. If your players do well in real life, you know if they score goals or get assists, then you accumulate points. The top winning teams in each tournament then get rewards, which can be rare cards that can be worth thousands of dollars. In other words, you can think of this as a yield on your investment.

Now in this video I explain why you might be shocked by the prices when you first play Sorare, but being expensive doesn’t make something a bad investment.

What we do know is that

1) It’s still early stages. Sorare received $50 million in an investment round and plans to build a mobile app and ramp up marketing.
2) Soccer is the largest sport in the world, and FIFA video games make a lot more money than NBA and NFL, which could mean a much larger addressable market for Sorare.
3) 99% of people have not heard of NFTs yet, but will be coming to these games in large numbers in the coming years.

However I also address concerns that I have regarding Sorare’s long term existence, which is a huge factor behind any NFT investment.

I also outline some key strategies for making money if you do decide to play.

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0:00 Intro
2:23 Sorare basics – how it works
3:39 My experience playing Sorare
5:42 Sorare money making strategies
7:11 How to think about NFT investments today
7:49 My concerns with Sorare
11:14 Is this a good time to invest?

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