#Solana #NFT’s have some legitimate hits on it’s hands now. The space is moving fast, but you can still be seen in the marketplace, enough to move some 10X – 20X gains, with lowered entry prices and NO #GASWAR

#Acala on the Polkadot network will be the first to become part of the network, and the primary de-fi hub of the network. Here is how to get in on the ground floor.


Bitcoin and Ethereum are fun to checkin on, but NFT’s are far more fun.

You want in-depth NFT advice, buy a quality one, like Vogu, Bored Apes Yacht Club, 0n1 Force, Animetas, or Crypto Punks and sit in the members discord – because half of what we talk about are other projects! Or just hit the bell notification and Like/ Subscribe to THIS channel!

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