In today’s video, I had the pleasure to talk to Hiten from Hitmancollets and we covered a variety of different subjects. VeeCon, VeeFriends, NFT’s, World Cup, Investment strategies and so much more.

00:37 Intro
03:01 Investment strategy 1
10:21 Hobby growth
16:56 The hobby can be lonely
18:45 Investment strategy 2
24:35 Current view on the market
33:18 Getting into NFT’s
35:12 VeeFriends & VeeCon
51:26 Physical vs digital collecting
1:02:09 World Cup Hype
1:10:25 England & Belgium
1:17:02 Overhyped English Player
1:18:25 Undervalued English Player
1:20:59 World Cup Investment Strategy
1:30:13 Quickfire

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– How I Ship My Cards (UPDATE)

– 5 Questions Before You Invest In Soccer Cards

– The Next Messi

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