Sneakerheads is a collection of 5,000 uniquely designed NFTs by artist and founder, Ali Dawood. Each NFT is a hand-drawn face made with sneaker material and sneaker-based traits. The Sneaker Heads project also intends to become a launchpad for community and collaboration that brings together street culture and Web3 technology, although that won’t be until later. 
The team is focused on growing the Sneakerhead community as it is the heart of sneaker culture itself, both an identity and also a movement.  Sneakerheads isn’t just a brand or just another NFT collection according to the team. The Sneakerheads team has a goal to create Web 3.0’s largest sneaker community that gives power to the creators and the community itself. Starting with 40 distinct models and 5,000 avatars, Sneakerheads NFTs are a canvas for physical and digital collaborations which will bring real utility to sneaker culture.
The Sneaker Heads project was extremely hyped during the bull market a few months ago but decided to delay its launch date. The mint price for the collection was 0.25 ETH, and they ended up selling out of the entire 5k collection without any mint or smart contract issues. The collection floor price currently sits at 0.38 ETH at writing, with more than 2.2K in ETH traded since its launch.

Total Supply: 5,000
Mint Price: 0.25 ETH

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