Small Bros is an NFT project which I believe has huge potential, the artwork is great, the team are transparent and open, they’ve provided a lot of sneak peeks of early deliverable items to show the progress of their development and they have acquired a numbers of high profile collabs (collaborations) includiing, Invisible Friends, Doodles, Coolmans Universe, Cool Cats , Karafuru, and Starcatchers. This project has all the signs of success.

There is also the opportunity of winning a spot on the public mint by signing up to their premint raffle!

Do you think this could be another blue chip NFT?

Mint Number: 8,888 NFTs
Bro List Mint Price: 0.069 ETH
Bro List Mint Date: 21st March 2022
Whitelist Spots Available: 3,250
Public Mint Price: 0.079 ETH
Public Mint Date: 22nd March 2022
Small Bros Website:
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NOTE: All these view are entirely my own. Anything that I saw is purely for entertainment purposes and NOT Financial Advice. Please ensure you understand the risks when purchasing anything.
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