SHORT: Wabi Punks is a Free NFT mint taking place right now. Grab these before they are gone.

Welcome to The Art of NFT Business. Florian and Jonathan return for a new episode. Yes we know it’s early but hey at least we’re doing it.

In this episode hosts Florian Valot and Jonathan Goodman discuss the news about Sygnum Bank’s release of soccer-themed AST’s and Algorand sponsoring the Gotham FC Jersey. Both hosts talks about their newest NFT purchases as well as new projects we are interested in like Braindom Games. Florian reveals his Angels & Devils NFT and we catch up with the Blue Cheques as they partner with Metamouse Clubhouse a new NFT project. Plus as always there is a POAP and a contest.

What’s In Your Wallet:
Florian – Panda Dynasty #25 (
Jonathan – Wabi Punks (

New Projects we are looking at:
Braindom Games – (
Angels & Devils (

Catching Up with Blue Cheques
Metamouse Clubhouse (

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Join us each Monday for a continued discussion of art and NFTs.

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