Introducing Tim: The Invisible Man — The first project to bring short film NFTs to the Terra blockchain.

The Tim NFTs follow the life of an invisible character through a community driven storyline, where fans get to vote on how Tim’s journey unfolds in Discord though a DAO-like structure.

A series of PFP invisible character NFTs will also be released as part of Tim’s journey.

The Tim NFT collection will also be introducing an Appear to Earn concept. Basically, if you own a PFP that features in an upcoming episode in Tim’s storyline, you will be able to receive 400 UST each time your PFP appears.

00:00. Intro.
00:23. Founders.
00:47. Tim NFT Supply.
1:51. Appear to Earn.
3:30. Why release a movie as an NFT?

Mint details:
– Total number of episodes: 4
– First episode release date: Feb 28th 2022
– Number of NFT scenes available for first episode: 555
– Mint price: 99 UST per scene

Second, third and fourth release date: TBA (estimated to be Q2, Q3 and Q4 2022)

– PFP characters mint date: TBA
– PFP character mint price: 201 UST

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Music by Dusty Decks – “Solid Centre”

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