Samee believes in boldness, persistence, and having a bias towards action. He is excited by using technology to give people superpowers like he does with the new Mobile P2E NFT Project “The Fives”

Fives is a play-to-earn game combining the fast-paced nature of mobile games with the highlight plays of basketball. Players collect DNA packs of real basketball players to generate Ballers and compete in head-to-head online matchups. Gameplay in FIVES is skill-based, players use touch controls, swiping, and strategy to beat opponents. Players level up their Ballers by playing with them. You can earn cosmetics, animations, and new DNA packs by winning. Top-ranked players will receive large bonus rewards at the end of every season. The FIVES game will be released alongside a governance token, $FIVES, which will entitle holders to a share of protocol revenue via staking and voting power in future game/protocol decisions. $FIVES is also an important in-game resource, used for upgrading Ballers appearance and skills. Digital merchandise partnerships with athletes and an ecosystem fund for Fives developers will also be announced in the coming months.

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