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Whether you’re a beginner or advanced tennis player, there’s one question that always comes up when choosing a tennis racquet: can I afford it? With tennis racquets ranging from $20 to over $200, I understand, it’s hard to choose which type and what price of racquet is best for you. While the old adage, the more money you spend, the more you get typically holds, I’m here to tell you about the jewels in the rough: the best tennis racquets under $100.

Now that’s going to be a soft $100 so there might be some racquets that cost $110 on this list. In these cases, I love this tennis racquets so much that I assume you’re willing to save an extra $10 and spent it on these. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Head Microgel Radical

Without the doubt, the title of the best tennis racquet under $100 falls to the Head Microgel Radical. It’s honestly amazing to me how this racquet is still this cheap while maintaining the high quality that defines the Head Microgel series.

Featuring the microgel technology from Head, this racquet takes the shock from hitting a tennis ball and distributes it equally throughout the frame. As a player, this means the Microgel Radical won’t get jarred out of your hand if you hit off center or catch the ball at a bad angle.

With a dense string pattern and standard size, the Microgel Radical invites players to try full and fast strokes in order to blast the tennis ball over the net. This racquet was built for aggressive baseline play and it shows in how it handles. The string pattern aids in improving the overall control of this racquet. Despite giving players power, the Microgel Radical provides an immense amount of control for tennis players in terms of spin and ball placement on the court. With this racquet, I personally like to keep my opponent running from one side of the court to the other side.

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The Microgel Radical weighs in at approximately 11 oz making this a semi-tweener racquet. That is, it straddles the line between racquets used completely for power versus racquets used for control. For you, that means you get the best of both worlds. Grab the Head Microgel at a cheap price today using the button above or read more about this racquet in our Microgel Radical Review.

Wilson Hyper Hammer

My personal choice for one of the cheapest tennis racquets and also one of the best “starter” racquets, the Wilson Hyper Hammer is perfect for any beginners just starting on their tennis journey. The Hyper Hammer lives up to its name by feeling fast and manoeuvrable in your hand while maintaining the “hammer” size power behind its frame.

Beginner players especially will notice the power in this racquet during serves and volleys. Combining a 16 x 20 string pattern with a 110 sq in head, this cheap tennis racquet is perfect for players who like to hit flat powerful shots. Weighing in at only 9 oz, the Hyper Hammer won’t tax your joints like heavier racquets.

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Overall, the Wilson Hyper Hammer combines speed and power into an affordable package. See our full Wilson Hyper Hammer review for more information or check out the reviews on Amazon!

Wilson K Zero

Ok, so technically in some grip sizes, the Wilson K Zero may creep over $100. However, I found some models for under the target. So ha, it technically fits on this list. And be glad it does, because the Wilson K Zero is an absolutely astounding racquet and perfect for beginners just starting to play or people experiencing tennis elbow.

With this racquet, you have to start out with the weight. Strung, this Wilson K Zero weighs only 9.1 oz! When you swing with this racquet in your hand, it will feel like you’re swinging through air. That doesn’t mean it lacks power though. This racquet was specially designed by Wilson specifically for players seeking comfort and power through their shots. If you’re out on the tennis court and want to play hard but not feel sore or achey the next day, pick up this comfortable tennis racquet for cheap today.

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Head Ti S6

With a 115 sq inch head size and some massive power behind the racquet, the Head Ti S6 clocks in at the 4th racquet on our list under $100. Primarily for beginners, the Head Ti S6 is perfect for people with short strokes who sometimes forget to bring the racquet all the way back before swinging.

If you’re just starting out in tennis and want a reliable racquet, the Head Ti S6 should be one of your top choices. With it’s light weight and large head size, even if you make some off center hits you’ll still get the tennis ball over the net. And isn’t that what its all about?

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Now I have personally played with and reviewed this racquet and believe it is a great introduction to tennis for beginning players. For more information on the Head Ti S6, see my full review here or check it out on Amazon above.

Babolat Pure Strike Tour Tennis Racquet

I know, I know! This tennis racquet squeaks in at over the $100 target making this slightly over our limit. I promise though, if you’re willing or able to shell out those extra 20 dollars it will be worth it. Eat out one less time and save up to afford this racquet.

The Babolat Pure Strike is one of my favorite racquets today and is capable of doing it all. Frankly, at this price, it’s a steal. Coming in with a head size of 98 sq inches, the Pure Strike is designed primarily for intermediate and advanced players looking for a big hitter racquet. With excellent feel on groundstrokes and the power and stability for hard volleys, there is a lot about the Pure Strike to love.

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The Pure Strike weighs 11.8 oz when strung and if, ordering from Amazon, it comes pre strung. With a closed pattern of 18×20 strings, the Babolat Pure Strike allows players to easily control the ball placement and put power behind each stroke. See our full Babolat Pure Strike review here or look at one today using the button above.

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