Hello, children. I have ABSOLUTELY no idea how this became the most viewed video in my channel, but I’d guess it would be the algorithm, with its haunting ideals reaching me. Btw i have ASD, but I have no idea which specific disorder.

Anyways, this was posted ’round 2 days before Youtube thanos-snapped public dislike counts, which makes me, and everyone else who uses this platform, mad. “To protect small creators”? Oh yeah. No. It’s to protect your interests so you can generate 💵MONEH🤑. Please Youtube, this is your wake up call. Let us small creators have a voice, and return the dislike counter so I can make improvements, otherwise I won’t make improvements and my creations might be frowned upon.

Sincerely, me.
(I might be a tad bit late on this subject, but I just wanted to give out my opinion on the removal of this dislike counter.)

Anyways, the NFT market is the crappiest market ever. Screenshot every NFT you encounter.

Also, if you want to add my video to a complication or something, make sure to credit me! I hate pirates, so don’t just steal the video and make it a standalone video, and PLEASE PLEASE credit me, because I MADE IT and if you claim it as yours, I will find you.

Ok, i’ll stop ranting now, you can stop reading.


ok that’s it, here’s a cat video for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAn7baRbhx4

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