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The Two-Year Recession

Raoul Pal the Journey Man· Featuring David Rosenberg

Published on: July 29th, 2022 • Duration: 71 minutes

A Real Vision favorite returns, as Raoul welcomes back David Rosenberg to follow up on their conversation from late 2021. Raoul and Dave talk about where we are now, including an update on Dave’s recession call, what he thinks about inflation, how the Federal Reserve will react. Raoul also gets Dave’s view on what markets will do and whether he agrees with Raoul’s “buy bonds, wear diamonds” call. As ever, a conversation between Raoul and Dave is a must-watch, even if their views don’t match your own. These are difficult times, and we need to account for all possible scenarios.

Raoul pal real vision

They got their dream wedding and an extraordinarily romantic wedding.

Raoul and Anoush live together in the Cayman Islands and work there in their respective career. They are living happily there and living the best of their lives. However, they don’t have any children yet.

Physical Appearance

The famous CEO has charming looks and is a tall and handsome man standing 6 ft and 4 inches tall.
He has beautiful brown eyes and short hair.

How Much is Raoul Pal’s Net Worth?

Raoul earns about a million a month through his investments as well as his company Real Vision. His net worth is around $45 million as of 2021.

Raoul Pal’s Investment in Crypto

Raoul started his Bitcoin investment in the year 2012. Since then, he has constantly been investing in crypto for years.
Raoul has revealed that he has invested 98% of his net worth in BTC.

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He invested in Bitcoin at an opportune time and resisted the temptation to liquidate his holdings. He has also heavily invested in Ethereum. Most recently he has decided to offload his gold bullion and holdings to convert to both of his preferred cryptocurrencies. All but a small percentage of his overall wealth is currently held in the form of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Raoul Pal’s Productivity Habits & Main Personal Strengths

So how rich is Raoul Pal? How did he dedicate time to build that wealth? Raoul Pal’s wealth is highly impressive but like anything worth holding onto, it takes work.

Raoul pal real vision crypto

He retired from fund management in the year 2004.

Soon After, in January 2005, he started The Global Macro Investor. He also worked as a co-head of hedge fund sales in equities and equity derivatives at Goldman Sachs London. He is also a great investor of Bitcoins and is currently the co-founder and CEO of Real Vision Group.

Who is Raoul Pal Wife?

The aspiring investor fell in love with Anoush Pal and, years later, got married in late 2019.
Anoush is the founder of Cayman ABA and a clinical psychologist. She helps the children who need treatment in her organization, located in the Cayman Islands as a therapist.

They had a unique destination wedding around close family and friends. The couple chose Marrakesh dessert as their wedding destination and held a ceremony there right in the middle of the dessert.

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Crypto Is Macro

Raoul Pal Adventures in Crypto· Featuring Raoul Pal and Jurrien Timmer

Published on: July 29th, 2022 • Duration: 53 minutes

Jurrien Timmer, the Global Director of Macro for Fidelity Investments, is, like Raoul, a deeply experienced macro analyst and investor with a thorough understanding of crypto. Until the last eight months, many in the crypto space thought they were isolated from macro influences like interest rates, inflation, and the money supply. During that time, though, it’s become quite clear that this is not the case, that crypto investors must understand the macro environment and the terms and concepts used to describe it.
Jurrien and Raoul together sketch an essential macro framework as useful and valuable in the crypto market as it is in traditional markets.

Raoul pal real vision net worth


Raoul Pal is a famous British investor. Raoul is also the co-founder and CEO of Real Vision Group, a financial media company that offers in-depth video interviews and research publications from the world’s best investors. Besides, he also writes for The Global Investor as an experienced and expert investor.

Short Wiki/BioReal/Birth Name:Raoul PalProfession:Entrepreneur, InvestorActive From:1990-PresentFamous For:Real Vision GroupFamily and SiblingsFather/Dad:N/AMother/Mom:N/ABrother/s:N/ASister/s:N/APersonal LifeDate of Birth:6th February 1968, TuesdayAge (As in 2021):53 Years OldBirth Place:Burnham, Windsor And Maidenhead, United KingdomNationality:BritishZodiac Sign:AquariusHome Town:Little Cayman, Cayman IslandsEducation:University of PlymouthReligion:N/AEthnicity:Mixed (Indian, Dutch)Hobbies:1.

Raoul pal ceo of real vision

Pal believes that the value of crypto will increase gradually and have the most significance in the coming future.

Other Quick Facts to Know About Raoul Pal:

  • Raoul has had five minor operations.
  • He had divorced once before falling in love with Anoush Pal.
  • The aspiring CEO is frequently active on Twitter.
  • At their wedding, Pal’s wife Anoush sang for him a romantic song by Etta James, “At Last.”
  • Pal loves to travel around the world.
  • He owns approximately 700 BTC.
  • Being an animal lover, Pal has two dogs.
  • The investor retired early as a hedge fund manager at 36, as he planned.

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Martial Status:MarriedGay/Lesbian:NoMarried/Wedding:Anoush Pal (2019-Present)Wife/Spouse: Anoush Pal (Therapist)Wedding Location:Marrakesh DesertDivorce/Split:Split (Once)Girlfriend/Dating:Anoush PalChildren/Kids:Not YetPhysical StatsHeight:6 Feet 4 Inches (193 cm)Weight:N/AHair Type:ShortHair Color:Black and WhiteEye Color:BrownSkin Color:FairQuotes & BooksBooks:The Best Investment Writing: Volume 1: Selected writing from leading investors and authors (2017)Awards & NominationAwards:N/ANominations:Not YetIncome & AssetsNet Worth (As in 2021):$45 MillionSalary:N/A

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Short Bio: Birth, Age, & Zodiac

The 53-years-old investor was born in 1968 in the United Kingdom.

The business grew steadily and offered promising returns based on sound performance.

Real Vision

In 2013 he founded Real Vision due to being upset with the way media companies were unable to adjust to the market. He decided to launch Real Vision with Grant Williams as a way to offer on-demand finance to the masses. He took the traditional media outlet mold and boosted it to the next level by offering advice in newsletters and through other media channels.
What set his company apart was that it provided actionable advice to those making a profit in the field.


Most people with excess money in the bank and an eye for finance will eventually turn their attention to crypto. The same is true for Raoul.

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This position was in Goldman Sachs, specifically in the equities and equity derivatives section. After a successful and lucrative stint with the company, he moved on to GLG Partners as one of their chief portfolio managers. With the experience and the money he earned from both positions, he launched his own company in 2005; The Global Macro Investor.

The Global Macro Investor

The Global Macro Investor was a service dedicated to providing financial information and was followed by top players in the pensions and hedge funds field.

The company continued to expand its offerings through consultancy.

Raoul Pal always had an interest in finance and made it his goal in life to land a job that allowed him to achieve his dreams. Following graduation, he went on to work in Goldman Sachs before opening his own business a few years down the line. He has been married twice, with his latest wedding being to a therapist.


Raoul has been successful in the finance industry, thanks in part to his own ability to foresee the market. His skill was further supported by the comprehensive education he received in Economics and Law from the University of Plymouth in the UK.

How Did Raoul Pal Build His Net Worth?

Raoul Pal always had a head for investments, but his climb to the top started with his position as Head of European Hedge Fund Sales.

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