A short video showing what you will be able to do with your Frame NFTs on the https://frames-nft.com/

About the project:
Frames NFT is a collection created especially for showing off already existing NFTs from the Solana ecosystem in a more cool and very amazing way. Frames NFT is created and designed by the same enthusiastic and motivated team as behind ArtPunksNFT. ‘Frames’ collection is not only framed as mentioned in collection name but there are also walls, carpets, vases, sculptures, and many other decorations which can be showoff together in special “frames room”.

The “Frames” NFTs as already mentioned will be available for all Solana NFTs, not only ArtPunks as a lot of people may think. It will be ensured that the frames will be scaled to fit any NFT you want to use and that it will be available for you to download and show off on any of your socials as a single frame or collection of frames or even a whole decorated wall/room! You can combine your NFTs as many times as you want, and in any way that you want with up to 5 frames per wall. Like all other collections, Frames will have varying attributes and rarity rankings, Frames will have different types of frames, walls, floors, positions, number of frames on the wall (1-5), flowers, vases, sculptures, furniture, etc. This ensures that each frame is unique in its own way!

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