The brand new product from the Poolside.FM team has been announced, say Welcome to Vacation!
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Poolside.FM has been our digital pool for almost 8 years now, bringing fresh nu-disco, future funk, indie and chill music, and good vibes to our screens.

Some days ago, the Poolside.FM official twitter account has announced that today, Apr 15th 2021, a rebranding of the service and a new related product will be brought to market: given every product the founder Marty Bell and his collaborators have created has brought the public an unique experience, I’m honestly hyped. But what a better time to take one last look to the sunniest place of the Internet?

DISCLAIMER: This video has been made for commentary, educational and historic purposes, and parts of it may include content created by third parties: I don’t own any of that content, the copyright belongs to the respective owners.

(Sorry for the static noise: these sea waves I’m sipping my Martini by sound just like my noisy computer fan)

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