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Together, we will be creating a Playboy MetaMansion social game inside #TheSandbox with #NFT collectibles & special experiences for the Rabbitar @PlayboyNFTs community!

— The Sandbox (@TheSandboxGame) July 11, 2022

MetaMansion is the New Party House

The Sandbox report revealed that MetaMansion would host several events like exclusive parties, mini-games, and other social gatherings.

Moreover, Playboy has previously tried to venture into the Web3 using non-fungible tokens (NFT) collections and established a space called Centerfold.

The entertainment brand has revealed that it is determined to create NFT collections based on the long-standing history of Playboy, which spans seven decades.

She added:

“The opportunity to create that environment in a way that more people can step into now in a virtual space, and to do it in a really contemporary way is something that we’re really excited to bring to life.”

Playboy has been at the forefront of innovation in the entertainment, gaming, art, and celebrity industries for close to seven decades, and The Sandbox continues this legacy by providing a dynamic platform for the next generation of creativity.

Sebastien Borget, COO and Co-Founder of The Sandbox said: “We’re pleased to bring its rich archive of content into the metaverse and enable true fans to become virtual neighbors of this iconic brand during a future upcoming LAND sale in Q3 2022.”

The partnership between Sandbox and Playboy expands upon the pioneering work that Playboy has done in Web3.

Playboy Mansion To Debut In The Metaverse

The world’s most popular party house, the Playboy Mansion, is set to be launched into virtual space as it will become the latest Web3 attraction. In addition, the Sandbox metaverse will host the virtual version of the iconic building on the Sandbox Metaverse platform.

According to the Sandbox Twitter announcement, the new metaverse project is named “MetaMansion.” Every feature of the Playboy mansion will be centered around Web3, with many interesting events, just like real-life situations.

Anybunny home? 🐰👀🏘 We’re teaming up with none other than….

Brilliant minds are already working at speed to realize our vision of XR and bring a plethora of revolutionary experiences to everyone from consumers, healthcare and industrial. These labs join our already significant R&D presence in Europe.”

Metaverse and lawsuits: Nike v.


Streetwear retailer StockX has built a system whereby users purchase NFTs that can then be redeemed for physical goods in the real world, includingsneakers from the Nike brand, which it now claimsconstitute infringement, trademark dilution, and false designation origin, among other violations.

For this reason, the company has filed a lawsuit against StockX.

As a result, Playboy seeks to integrate NFT into its stories through the MetaMansion building.

Users will use the NFT bunny, dubbed “Rabbitar,” to grant owners unlimited access to exclusive experiences in the virtual mansion. With the expansion of Web3, Playboy wants to leverage NFT to provide more virtual experiences to users.

Users can use their Rabbitars to access exclusive events in the MetaMansion and purchase virtual lands.

The virtual space’s continued monetization will see Playboy introduce another set of NFT avatars.
However, the Playboy team has not yet revealed details of the new NFT collectibles.

Moreover, the entertainment behemoth joins other contemporary companies in creating their own metaverse space.

Meanwhile, the native token of the Sandbox Network, SAND, currently trades at $1.11.

Bunny girls, who will present the partygoers VIP passes as they begin the journey along the red carpet to the accompaniment of fireworks and sumptuous surroundings and into extravagant parties.

Playboy’s chief brand and strategy officer, Rachel Webber, stated;

The culture and lifestyle of the Playboy Mansion were obviously extremely aspirational, so the chance to duplicate that setting in a way that more people can now enter into a virtual realm is something that we are really excited to bring to life.

There are no dates set for the launch of the virtual version, but we are sure it has a few minds thinking over time.

Playboy Ventures into Web3

Playboy previously entered the Web3 space with the release of their Playboy Rabbitars NFTs, a collection of 11,953 unique Rabbitars, 3D rabbit characters.

Rachel Webber, Playboy’s head of brand and strategy, revealed that the popular brand is excited to partner with Sandbox.

According to the Sandbox official, The Sandbox, as a partner, has the required experience to deliver a tailor-made Web3 product to Playboy.

Rachel added that for more than 50 years, Playboy has continued to dominate the entertainment sector by bringing innovation and ideas. With Sandbox, the tradition will continue in the virtual realm.
Playboy is looking to design its metaverse space so that people will feel welcome.

Playboy desires to continue being the vanguard of entertainment by taking it further with the metaverse using the Sandbox platform.

It looks like OnlyFans is about to have some sexy competition as the Playboy Mansion prepares to enter the metaverse with its Centerfold platform. Like OnlyFans, the Playboy Metaverse Centerfold will be a home for content creators who want to share their more “private” photos, videos, and livestreams with fans of the naughty variety.

Playboy has higher hopes for Centerfold than just competing with OnlyFans and other explicit platforms.

There is hope that entering the metaverse with Centerfold will be their way of entering its massive digital ecosystem. And yes, NFTs are involved.

Playboy Metaverse enters the Web3 rabbit hole

After ending the publishing of Playboy Magazine, supposedly due to the pandemic, Playboy has tried growing its digital presence.

Will it be a full 3D VR world with Playboy avatars, like Meta’s version of the technology? Or will it just be a 3D representation of explicit content? Honestly, we don’t know, but isn’t that the whole issue with the metaverse bandwagon?

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Can Playboy compete with OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is currently in a league of its own, with various reports claiming that the platform was able to rake in $1.2 billion in revenue last year. Still, Playboy has been able to make a neat $247 million since entering the metaverse so we think it’s doing well.

In the end, more options for content creators are always a good thing so Playboy’s Centerfold is a win for them.

In addition to launching Centerfold, Playboy’s attempts to get a ton of metaverse money includes launching a massive NFT collection, creating a Discord channel, and hiring a Web3 community manager.

Out of all the Playboy metaverse projects, Centerfold is their biggest one yet. The platform has been able to attract celebrities like Cardi B, Gigi Goode, Amanda Cerny, and Ana Foxxx, which is fairly impressive.

However, Centerfold is still an unproven product, especially when compared to how successful OnlyFans is, but there are high hopes that it will grow into something bigger.

“We believe Centerfold can shake up the creator economy just as Playboy Magazine shook up the publishing world.”Rachel Webber (PLBY Group chief brand officer) via MorningBrew

At the time of writing, we’re not quite clear what the Playboy Metaverse is.

Playboy the iconic lifestyle brand is to build a virtual mansion in the Sandbox metaverse. The legacy brand’s iconic mansion is to have a duplicate as part of Playboy’s continued move into the virtual realm and Web3.

Following in the wake of other A-list brands, Playboy chose The Sandbox metaverse to build on.
The Sandbox is a virtual world built on the Ethereum blockchain. Gamers on the Sandbox can buy and build on virtual lands and earn crypto via their gaming experience. Other iconic brands already in the Sandbox include Gucci, Snoop Dogg, and just last week, Tony Hawk, the famous skateboarder, announced a skatepark.

The metamansion will host exclusive social gatherings, civic events, parties, live events, mini-games, future NFTs and 70 years of published materials to make use of and browse.

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