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Welcome to our Play To Earn Crypto video!

Amid the surging popularity of metaverses, several projects have now come up in the market. A recent exciting addition to this is Silks. A blockchain-based, play-to-earn (P2E) metaverse game, Silks promises to be a groundbreaking derivative gaming experience. In short, Silks is based on real-world thoroughbred horse racing, with each digital Silks Horse NFT being a derivative of a real-world racehorse.

Silks is a first-of-its-kind metaverse
A P2E metaverse game, Silks offers a virtual world where players can experience “the thrill of owning thoroughbred racehorses”. Players can acquire, trade, and interact with a range of in-game NFT assets, including Silks Avatars, Silks Horses, Land, and Stables. More importantly, players can earn tokens by showcasing their gaming skills and contributing to the Silks ecosystem.

What makes Silks truly unique is that each Silks Horse is directly linked to a real-world thoroughbred horse. Through this innovative approach, a Silks Horse will then track real-time data pertaining to the bloodlines, training progress, and racing results of its real-world counterpart.

Further, every time the racehorse wins a race or breeds offspring in the real world, the owner of its corresponding Silks Horse will earn tokens. These tokens are $STT, Silks’ in-game transaction token. Players can use the $STT tokens to buy in-game items in the marketplace, including Land, Stables, Silks Avatars, and Silks Horses.

Besides, the Silks metaverse offers another token—Silks’ governance token, $SLK. $SLK holders can become part of the Silks DAO and vote on major platform decisions. In addition, players can also convert their $STT tokens to $SLK.

Apart from Avatars and Horses, Silks offers several other NFTs. For instance, the Silks metaverse will be located on 202,500 acres of virtual land. There will be an NFT for each plot of land and this is where the players will build their horse farms. Stables, the primary structure needed to operate a horse farm, are another type of NFT in the Silks ecosystem.

According to the project’s roadmap, Lands and Stables will drop in Q3 2022. Metaverse registration will follow in Q4. Finally, the metaverse will go live in Q1 2023.

All in all, Silks sounds like a promising metaverse project to watch out for, especially due to its derivative P2E structure. With its plans to add more player roles and NFT properties in the future, those interested in the game will have much to look forward to.


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