Thje Pixleverse Metaverse is arriving with the hatching of the Pixl Pet Eggs. Pixl Pets is the genesis collection from The Pixleverse by the Sappy Seals team. Sappy Seals have been one of the feel good projects recently in the NFT space and now they are upping their game by launching The Pixleverse Decentralized NFT Metaverse. Metaverse is the Buzzword & Every NFT Crypto project right now lays some claim to the Metaverse. But for Most NFT Blockchain projects I don’t have high hopes for completing a grand Metaverse because of just how difficult it is to make a compelling ecosystem for gaming or social purposes. But this team has some things going for it that make me believe it is indeed possible that they pull off something quite grand in scope considering the partnerships they have forged. In this video I tell you what I like about The Sappy Seals, The Pixlverse & the Pixl Pet collection.

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