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0:00 Pesky Penguins Merch & Floor Price
2:30 Babye Apes, Staking NFT’s & OOGI Coin
10:26 Staking & Restaking Baby Ape NFT’s
16:46 FloridaMan1845 NFT Collection
18:20 Merch & Final Thoughts


Q: What trading platform do you use?
A: ThinkorSwim from TD Ameritrade (because it’s really nice and free)

Q: Do you trade the market open every day? Will you trade the market open today?
A: We streamed the market open since November 2019 since June 25th, 2021 this is on pause, until further notice.

Q: Do you have a video on how you make a watch list (stock scanner video)?
A: Why yes I do.. – any updates will be mentioned in the discord under the TD Ameritrade chat.

Q: I like your TOS layout how can I set it up?
A: Day Trader :
A: Day Trader – Vert AT link:

Q: How can I add the Mixed Vol to my TOS?
A: Full video on it here: (also inside our discord)
A: Join the Discord here:

Q: Do you still trade crypto?
A: Yes every day. And this video “How to Make $100 A Day Online from Home (3 PROVEN Steps To Consistently Do It!) “ is exactly how and exactly what I’m still doing nonstop to grow my accounts.

Q: Why don’t you trade on a simulator?
A: I have many years ago and it can be useful. However, simulators lack the ability to teach you real-world problems like partial entries and portfolio optimization under the PDT rule. It also leaves out the hardest part regarding trading which is the emotional aspect. That is why I’ve decided to grow a small account (Hence the $25k challenge) instead to reduce my risk and increase my need to stick to the rules since I have no “free cash” for bag holding.

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Small Cap-Gap & Go Strategy Videos ($25k Challenge)

📈 25k Challenge Overview
📈 Add $vol to TOS
📈 2 Gap Scanner
📈 Proper Trade Allocation
📈 Momentum Trading | Gap & Go Strategy

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By Alex Winkler

Co-Founder of Enzlo Inc. I was a Stock Day Trader in NYC before fully focusing on the company and moving to Florida. As Crypto become a bigger part of our company in terms of payouts, I applied my equity trading strategies to the Crypto market and was able to consistently growing our Crypto Fund. Now, I’m back to full-time trading stocks and crypto. This time documenting everything online via TradeJournal and YouTube to refine my strategy and help others become consistently profitable traders.

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I’m interested in doing collaborations! So, if you think we would be a good fit – reach out and let’s talk about how we can but bring additional value to our network.

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