There’s no way we stop talking about tokenization! Well, at least this time.

As you can guess from the title, a new video in the second season is also related to tokens. Not non-fungible ones though. Today we examine the security token offering (STO) concept and comment on why it’s radically different from ICO which earned a notorious reputation between 2016 and 2018.

Besides, you’ll find prominent cases of how companies have successfully launched their STO campaigns, and get acquainted with the regulation policies across key jurisdictions. Ready to sort things out? Let’s start then!


00:00 Introduction
0:14 What are security tokens?
0:52 What is an STO?
1:19 Comparison of STO and ICO
2:51 What are the advantages of STOs?
4:12 What risks STOs hold?
5:09 What STO regulations are out there?
7:55 Examples of successfully launched campaigns
9:54 How to launch an STO campaign?
12:21 Conclusion

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