The bible predicts that a One World Economy will arise and be centered around a “One World Currency” (likely a digital one) that will drive all global trade and commerce. This will eventually lead to the “Mark of the Beast” that will be required to participate in this global economy. Those who don’t take it will be forbidden from participating. This economy will all be controlled by one man, the AntiChrist. The final stages prior to the implementation of this mark, including the banning of cash and the move to an all digital currency system, is now well underway and nearing completion. This system, including the “Mark”, once implemented, will completely silence all free speech, all dissension to the One World Government, and will drive all those who refuse the mark, and to obey and serve the AntiChrist, into the wild, away from civilization, to starve, freeze, and more.

Note: While we’re indeed seeing the first rumblings of this coming to pass, this prophecy will not come to complete fruition until the Tribulation. Even so, that doesn’t mean we won’t see the first shadows of it right now in the world as we move towards that day.

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