Live from Satellite NFT LA
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Satellite is a Web3 Collector and Creator Social club, just orbited NFT LA, gearing up for NFT NYC. Get on the whitelist for New York

Cooper Turley is building the creator economy, passionate about community, web3 and mindfulness.

Lyrah is a writer/producer/singer who makes indie pop music. She got her start as a writer for other artists and since pursuing a solo path her songs have landed on Spotify’s “Fresh Finds” and been featured in placements like HBO’s show “The Sex Lives of College Girls”. Within web3 Lyrah has been using her design background to build tools for artists. She designed The Record Deal Simulator, a tool for breaking down complex label deals to help artists understand their deals and forecast profits. She is now designing a tool for generating simple, visual smart contracts for music NFTs. And within her NFT drops, she has been pushing on song ownership and the experiences attached to it.

Yung Spielberg is a Grammy Award-Winning Producer & Songwriter. Core team at Water & Music the innovator’s guide to the music business. an independent newsletter and research DAO, on a mission, to empower music-industry professionals with the knowledge, network, and skills to do more collaborative and progressive work with technology.

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