To say I’ve been skeptical about Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto universe would be an understatement of epic proportions. Since the early 2010s, some of my most ferocious Twitter battles have been against the HODL army with the laser eyes.

There’s just so much to oppose: Bitcoin’s grotesque energy consumption, the ridiculous transaction fees and low throughput, the incessant pump’n’dump schemes in shitcoins, the wild price swings in the main coins, the obvious fraud that is Tether, the lack of real decentralization in most of the current web3 infrastructure, and on, and on, and on.

Beyond all these very real problems and challenges, my bigger beef was actually fueled by a lack of imagination.

from bitcoin import *

my_private_key1 = random_key()

print(‘Private Key 1: ‘ + my_private_key1)

my_public_key1 = privtopub(my_private_key1)

print(‘Public Key 1: ‘ + my_public_key1)

my_private_key2 = random_key()

print(‘Private Key 2: ‘ + my_private_key2)

my_public_key2 = privtopub(my_private_key2)

print(‘Public Key 2: ‘ + my_public_key2)

my_private_key3 = random_key()

print(‘Private Key 3: ‘ + my_private_key3)

my_public_key3 = privtopub(my_private_key3)

print(‘Public Key 3: ‘ + my_public_key3)

my_multi_sig = mk_multisig_script(my_private_key1, my_private_key2, my_private_key3, 2,3)

my_multi_address = scriptaddr(my_multi_sig)

print(‘Multi-Address: ‘ + my_multi_address)

View address transaction history

We can also look at pre-existing bitcoin addresses’ transactional history.

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And GiveSendGo indeed started doing just that.

Turns out the concern over the donations was quickly rendered insignificant, as just a few days later, the Canadian prime minister imposed martial law on the protestors. Through powers intended for catastrophic events, he took to freeze the bank accounts of both Canadian protestors and donors, to compulsorily demand that tow-truck operators clear the streets, and forced insurance companies to drop policies for the protestors.

That “worked”. Together with police storming the protests with pepper spray and stun grenades, the area in front of parliament was cleared.
But even that wasn’t enough.

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Even with the protests cleared out, the police vowed to press their new financial powers against anyone involved for months to come.

So Canadians who donated to the truckers should now sleep with one eye open for the next several months, lest they have their bank accounts frozen, and indictments filed on the basis of laws enacted to prevent financing of terrorism? Or maybe their bank will simply preemptively cancel their accounts if they appeared on the hacked list of donators from GiveSendGo?

This is crazy. Absolutely bonkers. Terrifying.

I still can’t believe that this is the protest that would prove every Bitcoin crank a prophet.

On rails creator bitcoin we need for speed

Prior to him bringing proof, the idea that America was processing all the emails in the world, recording any phone call anywhere at will, and monitoring all internet traffic just seemed so hyperbolic. I remember discussing this with a friend in the 2000s when the rumors of Echelon had gained some traction. I just didn’t seem believable until it was undeniable.

I’m sitting with that same feeling here.

Even just a few months ago, I would not have found it credible if you said a three-week peaceful protest in Canada could have lead to martial law, frozen bank accounts, and terrorist-financing laws being used to hunt protest donors. Unbelievable then, undeniable now.

I don’t think we have any idea what kind of radicalizing seeds have been planted by Trudeau with these actions.

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To get started with Bitcoin using Python, we need,

  • A Computer which can run Python programming environment

  • A basic knowledge of Python or another scripting language

  • Ability to run commands and programs from a command line program

Setup your Computer

Install Python

Download and install python from Make sure to download the Python 3.x as that’s the one we are going to be using in this tutorial.

Install bitcoin python library

After you finish installing Python, open your command line program and execute below command to install bitcoin python library

pip install bitcoin

Hello Bitcoin – Generate a Private key

We will start with a writing a “Hello World” equivalent of Bitcoin in Python. is NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE

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Western democracies.”— DHH (@dhh) February 21, 2022

In a blog post titled “I was wrong, we need crypto,” the Danish programmer mentioned that he’s been skeptical about Bitcoin and the crypto industry in general since the early 2010s. He noted that some of his biggest arguments against Bitcoin were the cryptocurrency’s energy consumption, transaction fees, the lack of real decentralization, supposed fraud involving Tether (USDT) stablecoin and many others.

But all these arguments do not provide enough reasons to disregard cryptocurrencies as a tool to support freedom and democracy in situations where countries like Canada impose martial law in response to peaceful protest movement, Hansson argued, stating:

“It’s clear to me now that I was too hasty to completely dismiss crypto on the basis of all the things wrong with it at the moment.
And for me to have to slice a piece of humble pie, and admit that I was wrong on crypto’s fundamental necessity in Western democracies.

And that it was the Canadians who brought this on? You might as well have told me that it was really the Care Bears who ran Abu Ghraib.

Especially since I had some sympathy with fears projected by the US progressive left who spent four years fretting Trump might pull stunts like these. Then it turns out that the worries of an authoritarian overreach would be fulfilled by Trudeau to the North instead? Who’s writing this script? M. Night Shyamalan?

Meanwhile, plenty of American commentators are cheering this on.

We do this by passing the private key we generated to privtopub function

from bitcoin import *

my_private_key = random_key()

my_public_key = privtopub(my_private_key)


Create a bitcoin address

In the previous programs we generated private and public keys. Now, we are going to real bitcoin part. In the below code, we are generating a bitcoin address by passing the public key we generated topubtoaddr function.

from bitcoin import *

my_private_key = random_key()

my_public_key = privtopub(my_private_key)

my_bitcoin_address = pubtoaddr(my_public_key)


Create a Multi-signature Address

Next, we create a multi-signature bitcoin address. Multi-signature address is an address that is associated with more than one private key.

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